Movie Review: Man Of Steel

This was the big one folks, the big super hero movie of the year. Sure we had Iron Man 3 and we’re getting Thor 2 but DC had this one last shot to make a good Superman movie, and they totally succeeded.

With the mega success of the Marvel Movie universe, DC had to really show up to the party with all their new toys to make an impact. Lately the DC movies have not been the greatest (Green Lantern) or they have been completely missing (Why haven’t we gotten a Wonder Woman?), and with Marvel kicking ass well the pressure is definitely on. *** NOTE *** I am going to keep this as spoiler free as I can k?

We open Man of Steel on Krypton with Kal-El being born, the first natural birth in centuries, becoming the new hope for Krypton which is weeks away from being completely destroyed because they were harvesting all the natural resources. As Jor-El (Russell Crowe BLEH) pleads to the high council to try and save everyone, General Zod comes in and tries to stage a coup. The origin is pretty true to the original story. Jor-El and Lara send Kal off to Earth before Zod can stop the launch. Of course Jor-El gets killed and Lara stands with the council while Zod and his followers get sent to the Phantom Zone for 300 cycles or something ridiculous like that. Right after the sentencing, Krypton explodes and Kal-El lands in Kansas.

Pretty solid beginning right? This is where I’m going to have to get a bit vague because I really don’t want to drop anything major. The real story of Man Of Steel is how Kal-El (now Clark) is trying to find out who he is. He spends a lot of his adult life searching and even hiding away from who he really is because his father Jonathan Kent (played masterfully by Kevin Costner) warned him that humans may not be ready for him, and they might fear him. Clark’s mother (Diane Lane…more inspired casting) really is the heart of this movie especially when your Clark starts to develop his powers and she teaches him to focus on her voice to calm down. UGH it was a MOMENT!

The major conflict is Zod ends up finding out that Clark is on earth. How does he get free from his prison? Not telling, but now Clark has been outed to the planet. The confrontation and the fights between Clark and the villains was something that I was very curious about, and they did it well. This is not your typical Superman movie. Cities get destroyed because of their fighting, people die. Don’t forget these super powered beings are totally destructive, and when they fight each other everyone better watch out.

But what about Lois? Amy Addams was chosen to play her which was an interesting choice to me. First of all I’ve always thought of Lois as a brunette, but Amy is one of my favorite actresses and is stupid talented. I knew she was a good fit. Lois drinks Whiskey, arms bombs, volunteers to be taken by the aliens and is generally a bad ass chick.  She was absolutely fantastic in this movie and her and Clark had a great connection.

Now let’s talk about Clark/Kal-El/Superman. First of Henry Cavill is fucking hot, like so smoking hot I can’t even believe it. His face is pure perfection, and his hair is luscious and his body is unreal. His shirtless scenes were almost too much to handle so I’m glad there weren’t many of them. But what about his portrayal of Clark? Like I mentioned this is a very different take. Clark isn’t cheesy and full of male bravado in this movie. His is a bit more vulnerable and dare I saw quick to be tempered, however at his core he is still a farm boy from Kansas. Henry did a fantastic job and is a really good personification of Clark Kent for sure. Interestingly enough he is only 30 but plays 33, fun fact.

With this release people are going to want to compare it to Marvel and it’s kind of annoying to me when they do, hell I even did it in this review. Avengers and Iron Man and the rest of the gang are a bit more colorful and joke-y and a bit more fun I always kind of knew they would save the day and all would be fine. In Man of Steel there were times where I was actually wondering if we were going to get a happy ending because it was a bit more serious. I think that comes from Chris Nolan because his Batman would fit perfectly with this Superman to be honest.

I loved Man of Steel. I loved it so much more than I probably should because I went into this movie with extremely low expectations. I’m not really a Superman fan (I think he’s kind of a wiener) but this movie was a great representation of the Superman brand.

Movie Rating: This is getting a 9.5 out of 10 (it lost .5 cause I can’t stand Russell Crowe)

PS – His CAPE is a star in it’s own right. It was so pretty!

Man of Steel Movie Trailer

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  • Ryan

    You should get a friend to proofread your work before you post things.

    “With this release people are going want to compare it…”.

    “First of all I’ve always though of Lois as a brunette, but Amy is one of my favorite actresses and it stupid talented that I knew she was a good fit.”

    Seriously dude, were you drunk and or just in a rush?

  • jay

    Chris Nolan*

  • I was totally drunk sorry.

  • Marco

    I loved the movie too! The only thing that I didn’t like were the flashbacks. The transition from the present and past I think wasn’t smoothly done. But it was understandable because of the fast pacing of the film.