Man Crush: Ryan McPartlin


He plays “Captain Awesome” on the NBC spy-hit “Chuck” and that name couldn’t be any more fitting. The 34-year-old blond adonis hails from the Windy City. During his college days at The University of Illinois, he played football which is partially responsible for his hot physique. After graduating, the 6’3″ hottie decided to travel to Australia and New Zealand to explore the outback while determining what career path he should follow. I guess he must’ve seen a sign to dabble in modeling during his time in the Australian Outback .

He received nationwide attention when he scored modeling gigs with Abercrombie and Fitch and various other campaigns. After getting a taste of the limelight, he decided to move to Southern California to pursue acting. His first acting gig was for an episode of “The Nanny” with Fran Drescher. Funny enough, years later he would re-team with Drescher to star in her short-lived sitcom “Living With Fran”. In between those jobs, he paid his dues working in daytime for the now-canceled soap “Passions”.


His biggest break would be scoring the role of Chuck’s brother-in-law on the NBC spy drama. His character Dr. Devon Woodcomb is often referred to as “Captain Awesome” for his over-usage of the word “awesome” and his uncanny ability to do everything awesomely. His character was originally planned to appear in only a handful of episodes in season one, but due to his popularity “Captain Awesome” was added as a full-time character for season two and beyond.

With his all-American good looks, Ryan was up for the role of Clark Kent/Superman that eventually went to Brandon Routh for Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”. According to him, he felt he would’ve scored the role had his top-secret auditions not leaked. As a result of his popularity with comic book geeks for his “Chuck” role, he’s again in the running to play another superhero. This time it’s “Captain America”.


Unfortunately for us boys, Ryan plays for the other team and has been married to his wife, Danielle Kirlin, since 2002. With such a hot body, it’s no surprise that he’s familiar with the gym and works out regularly but he’s also a board certified personal trainer. MmmMmm, I wonder if he still provides personal training services because I’d definitely hire him.


If I were Chuck, I’d be gasping too. I have no doubt Ryan is packing down there.


Damn leaf. Where’s a gardener when you need one.


A few old school pictures from his Abercrombie & Fitch modeling days.


Such a handsome face. Love the dewy look on the right.


A shirtless Ryan in the bedroom…. yes, please.



I have to give credit where credit is due. Since I’ve never seen an episode of Chuck, I have to commend Adam for suggesting such a hot piece of ass as this week’s crush. What do you think of this week’s crush? Captain stud or captain dud?

  • I read this article looking for my name… How clever of you to put it at the end so I would read it in its entirety … love it and lurve him! Hate the straight guy crush thing but WOOF on this one!

  • zurvivor

    very hot. a must man crush.

  • Pat Henson Ward

    He is awesome both in looks and in acting; hope he is blessed with a long, rewarding career; saw him in a movie last week and even at my age I could have a crush.

  • Allen

    Ryan McPartlin and Luke MacFarland, could pass as brother, both me are very good looking, act and look alike, both are Hot !

  • Ghee

    eww. Luke Macfarland is hot. this guy is just body. face is ugly.