Man Crush: Niall Matter


It’s time for your Friday man candy. Normally, I have a hard time selecting my weekly crushes. Not because there isn’t an over abundance of hot guys, but because I don’t want to pick super obvious popular choices and I try to mix them up from week to week. This week though, I actually had three in mind. So who ended up winning? Niall Matter, that’s who. You’re probably saying, WHO? Sure he’s not a household name as of yet, but give him time and I’m sure he will be.

The Albertan native, grew up on a diary farm and worked on the oil rigs for eight years before he moved to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Film School. While in Vancouver, he landed a few roles including parts in Dr. Dolittle, Eureka, Stargate: Atlantis, Fear Itself and the super-hero flick, The Watchmen (Mothman). Truth be told, I never noticed him in any of those aforementioned movies.


What made me take notice? His turn as a call-girl-buying bachelor on one of my guilty pleasures, Melrose Place. He showed up early in the season as one of Lauren’s first clients. His character was so well received that the producers brought him back this past week for Melrose’s fall finale. He slipped some drugs in Lauren’s champagne which caused her to OD. Oooh, bad bad bad boy. I hope they bring him on board full time. Almost most of his scenes involve him having sex and being shirtless… yes please.

Recently, Niall moved to Los Angeles after booking a guest role on NBC’s “Fear Itself”. Ironically enough, he ended going north of the border to film his scenes in Edmonton, where the show is shot.

Here are a few stalkerish screencaps from Melrose Place.


Crush-worthy or not? As always, leave your comments and feedback below.

  • hal

    you even have to think…hahaha..i thought its about whats stirring the loins……

  • zurvivor

    no shirtless pics? he looks so cute.