Man Crush: Colton Haynes

After a few weeks of choosing beefy men as my weekly crush, I was in the mood for a little “chicken”. Ironically enough, this week’s crush worked as the Red Robin Mascot in high school. This week’s hottie is definitely legal but a little on the twinky side. I’m sure all you twink lovers will be loving Colton Haynes.

The Kansas born looker first started his modeling career at the age of 15. When Bruce Weber shot him for an Abercrombie & Fitch layout, his career skyrocketed. He was featured in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Kira Plastinina, JC Penny and even appeared in various fashion shows for a couple of episodes of “The Hills“.

Like most models, the 21-year-old caught the acting bug and began working on his craft. His first foray into acting was an uncredited appearance in the blockbuster “Transformers“. Soon after, he began to book guest starring roles in “Privileged“, “Pushing Daisies” and “Melrose Place“. Eeks, looks like he might be the kiss of death. All those shows have all been canceled. Hopefully he’ll have better luck with his new gig.

Colton has a lead role in ABC’s new summer vampire offering “The Gates“. He plays Brett Crezski, a jock who also is a werewolf- of course he is. Lately all these hot guys I’m attracted to, are werewolves (Taylor Lautner & Joe Manganiello). I guess I have a type.

If “The Gates” doesn’t find an audience this summer, he has a couple of roles to fall back on. He won the role of Shane in Showtime’s “Look” and Jackson on MTV’s “Teen Wolf”. Both are set to premiere this year. Here’s a little fun fact about Haynes. In 2007, he unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen which eventually went to Robert Pattinson.

So the million dollar question. Is he gay or straight? Based on his name, I would say YES. Can that name be any gayer? Truth be told, I’m not sure. There are reports that he’s straight but he’s also been caught in gay lip locks and hangs with Chace Crawford a lot. Who knows, and to be perfectly honest, as long as he keeps looking foinnnnnne, I don’t care. He’s so hot, my mind just goes blank and I get lost in my own little naughty fantasies.

I’m insanely in love with his freckles around his nose. They’re absolutely adorable.

He’s sporting a little “gay face” in this pic. Mystery solved?

I wonder what’s on his mind? Is he trying to seduce me by playing with his fingers on his lips? If he is… it worked.

I love this pic. It’s got that ol skool California surfer vintage look about it. And the fact his shirt is open, giving a hint of sex doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s a snapshot of Chace Crawford and Colton hanging by the pool in Miami. Both hotties modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch back in the day.

Apparently he can move both of his eyebrows up and down, wiggle his ears, and make really ugly faces. I can’t ever imagine he’d be capable of making ugly faces, because all I see here is PRETTY.

In this still from “The Gates”, he looks like a farm boy. Ironically enough, he grew up in a farm in Kansas. What is about those corn-fed boys that make them all hot.

Those lips look absolutely heavenly. I could list a million dirty things I could do to them. Grrrr.

Another pic from “The Gates”. Honestly it’s not a bad show. I recommend you give it a chance. It beats most of the reality TV we’re forced to watch during the summer.

A little twinky for me, but nonetheless, HOT as SH*T. That lightly marked treasure trail leads to some golden treasure. That I am certain of.

So is Colton Haynes hot? Post your comments and thoughts below.

  • Jared

    Can’t believe he’s the same age as me haha. But yeah, he’s okay. No Josh Duhamel but still good looking.

  • Artem

    He’s certainly very good-looking. Good find Dono. And given that his latest role is that of a highschooler, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind “studying” alongside him…

    I wonder how much studying could be done under those circumstances… Certainly you’d be unlikely to learn the meaning of the word Irony. 😉 The fact that he looks like a farm boy, is pictured as one and grew up on a farm is appropriate, not ironic.

  • jeremy wolfsohn

    delicious, that belly and treasure trail that is a complete turn. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Fruitfly

    His lips are more sensual than Angelina Jolie’s. Fat puffy pillows of happiness – a kiss from those would be heavenly.

  • alexis moreno

    hey ilike ur picture im a boy

  • Paul

    he’s another one who’s tried to do a back-step from the xy make-out spread, saying ‘it was just a job’. you know, I don’t blame him. he’s a pretty talented guy. unfort coming out still isn’t exactly a ‘career move’ in hollywood: straight guys are allowed to play gay but not the other way around. Rupert Everett, with both masses of talent and leading man good looks, regrets coming out while Sean Penn wins an Oscar for playing Harvey Milk. Go figure.

    the best pic from the xy spread is of him and they guy he was photographed with — rumored to be his BF at the time — arriving with Colton carrying a big stuffed bear! There’s another of him with his legs spread with his jeans ripped on the inside of his crotch showing his tightie-whities — hot!

  • TImmy!

    I’d nail him like Jesus to the cross! Colton is smokin hot!

  • bmasson

    The man is a male god in my book .Love the idea of seeing him do some gay porn .And talk about a reality show i would love to watch a new show about him .I think the gates is about as stupid a show as they come and one of the reasons the networks suck .But i will fatefully watch it .Just too watch this male god HOT HOT HOT

  • Relia

    He’s Amaziiiingly hot(:

  • Melanie

    Okay You might want him to be gay but on He is seen having sex with a girl with blonde hair and he seems to be very experienced..

  • Fruitfly

    He did that for a “show”, kinda like he did XY for a “photospread”. He’s probably played for both teams but I’m not complaining.

  • ck

    want to follow that treasure trail

  • james

    Sorry ladies, 1st hand knowledge here. I have been with him several times, mostly with 3 or 4 other dudes. Little bit of partying, and a lot of hot man on boy bareback sex. He likes a lot of types, but is really into dad-son scenes. Loves being a sub bottom.

  • Fruitfly

    James – don’t feed my perverted mind such wonderful fantasies! (except bareback – he needs to be more responsible!)

  • bmasson

    I hope he gets all the MEN he can handle .plus my 10

  • Jon

    This is kinda sad to me. “We” make such a big deal about outing those in Hollywood who may or may not be gay – at the same time chastising them for not wanting to come out. It’s no different than someone walking into your place of work and outing you. Then we wonder why “they” are so secretive about it. I love Neil Patrick Harris but not everyone is Neil Patrick Harris. He came out when he was ready. Tho’ it’s getting better, we know we are still in a homophobic society. Why can’t we just let these guys work and live their lives as best they can? Is the gossip and Nat’l Enquirer reporting really that worthy?

  • Frankie

    He is two years older than me but I really dont care… He is so hot!!!!!!!!

  • K.B.

    I have a major man crush on Colton Haynes.He is gorgeus!Luv his perfect hair.his beautiful eyes,and YUM that body.He is definetly gay or Bi? look at all those sexy gay pics on line. I am so crushin on him.

  • Brendan

    I remember Colton and his boyfriend both had myspace pages long before they were in XY magazine together. I know that he’s trying to have a career and being gay limits that for him, but it makes me kinda sad. When they made it in there his boyfriend was very excited about it. I also remember that one of them had a very sad but sweet song on there page called ‘The Blower’s Daughter’. That’s actually why I noticed them at first because I had never heard the song and it was such a romantic song. I was not out at the time and they seemed so sweet, then ended up in a magazine that I read. I made it more real for me – like I could have that if I was out. It might have all been fake but I hope not…

  • john

    god i wana suck his dick

  • Marcel

    Chace Crawfords bezaubernd schöner Adoniskörper, vor allem sein supersüßes Traumbäuchlein, sein wunderschöner Rücken und seine knackigen, sehr zarten, total leckeren Brüste sind es einfach wert, immer wieder mal ganz zärtlich gestreichelt, liebkost und mit 1000 Küssen bedeckt zu werden. Glücklich die Männer, denen Chace es schenkt, ihn stundenlang so zu verwöhnen! Dürfte ich doch auch einer dieser Glücklichen sein! Ich sehne mich so sehr danach.

    Mein geliebter Chace, Dir von Herzen alles Gute! Möge es Dir gut gehen! Möge Dein Leben gelingen! Und mögest Du zufrieden, froh und glücklich werden!


  • David

    Amors Pfeile haben zielgenau die Mitte meines Herzens getroffen. Denn ich habe mich in Chace Crawford, den schönsten jungen Mann aller Zeiten, total verliebt.

    Ich finde Chace einmalig schön, sehr süß und total sexy. Und ich sehne mich sehr danach, seinen bezaubernd schönen Adoniskörper, vor allem sein supersüßes Bäuchlein, seine knackigen, sehr zarten, total leckeren Brüste und seinen wunderschönen Rücken ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu liebkosen. Ich würde unseren Chace nach allen Regeln der Kunst verführen und ihn so sehr und so lange verwöhnen, bis er einen Orgasmus bekommt und kräftig ejakuliert. Danach würde ich ihm noch viele Zärtlichkeiten schenken und ihn damit sanft in den Schlaf geleiten; denn ich habe unseren Chace von Herzen lieb.

    Ginge meine Sehnsucht doch in Erfüllung! Ich wäre sehr glücklich.


  • Gibbs