2012 Man Crush Showdown: Round 3

Before I get to the results from Round 2 of the 2012 Man Crush Showdown, I wanted to address a technical glitch. The poll was supposed to close at 11:59 pm on December 26th, but it never did. To keep the results in line with the designated voting period, I went through the logs and voided all votes cast past 12:00 am December 27th. In the end, it really didn’t change the Top 4 with exception to a switcheroo between first and second place, and also third and fourth. Without further ado, let’s get to the final amended results.

Coming in first place is Jayson Blair with 861 total votes (1379 original minus 518 votes voided). In the runner-up slot was Ryan Guzman with 830 eligible votes (1507-677). Both Blair and Guzman automatically earn a slot in the finals. In third place and stands a good chance of advancing via one of the four wildcard slots is Taylor Kinney. After subtracting his invalid votes (3), he ended up with 765 votes. Just in case you were wondering what each Man Crush in Round 2 got subtracted from their totals, click here. Numbers are above the poll.

With only one round left before the finals next week, the Top 10 is quickly coming together. Check out this crop of my previous weekly Man Crushes and see who’ll join Brandon Quinn, Mario Casas, Jayson Blair and Ryan Guzman. If you want more pictures of each stud, click on their name for their feature.

Man Crush Showdown Dates

The Top 2 from each round automatically advance to the finals. Four wildcard spots will be given to the Man Crushes who garnered the four highest vote totals from all rounds tabulated (winners excluded).

  • Round 1: Dec 13-19, 2012 (click here for contestants) 1st: Brandon Quinn, 2nd: Mario Casas
  • Round 2: Dec 20-26, 2012 (click here for contestants) 1st: Jayson Blair, 2nd: Ryan Guzman
  • Round 3: Dec 27- Jan 2, 2012 (results announced Jan 3)
  • Finals: Jan 3-9, 2013 (Final Results announced Jan 10, 2013)

Dean Geyer

Original Feature: Sep 13, 2012

Why I Chose Him: Glee‘s newest stud had me salivating when he stepped out of the shower on the fourth season premiere.

Scott Speedman

Original Feature: Sep 28, 2012

Why I Chose Him: I’ve been crushin’ on Speedman since his Felicity days. Glad he was back on a weekly basis. Sadly, ABC torpedoed Last Resort.

Milo Ventimiglia

Original Feature: Oct 4, 2012

Why I Chose Him: He had certain parts of me “stand attention” when I saw his new buffer bod.

Jay Ryan

Original Feature: Oct 11, 2012

Why I Chose Him: Only on the CW is Jay considered a “beast”. He’s definitely a beaut in my eyes.

Robert Buckley

Original Feature: Oct 19, 2012

Why I Chose Him: He was the sole reason to watch ABC’s now defunct 666 Park Avenue. Sorry Vanessa Williams 😉

Douglas Friedman

Original Feature: Oct 25, 2012

Why I Chose Him: Snap, snap. Douglas is too hot to stand behind the camera. Praise Jesus, he occasionally has the lens focused on him.

Val Chmerkovskiy

Original Feature: Nov 1, 2012

Why I Chose Him: He’s the perfect bottom to my fantasy Chmerkovskiy sandwich. The younger bro has one saucy butt.

Colt Prattes

Original Feature: Nov 23, 2012

Why I Chose Him: He made me fall in love with Pink’s “Try”. His abs are ridiculous.

Brandon Jones

Original Feature: Nov 29, 2012

Why I Chose Him: He guest starred as one sexy Amish in 2 Broke Girls. I’d like to “rum” his “springa”. Side note: Rumspringa is kinda like spring break for the young Amish 😉

Justice Joslin

Original Feature: Dec 6, 2012

Why I Chose Him: The beard, the scruff, the hairy chest. WOOF in all the right places.

2012 Man Crush Showdown Round 3: Who Were My Hottest Crushes?

  • Justice Joslin (1,208 Votes)
  • Scott Speedman (1,007 Votes)
  • Dean Geyer (755 Votes)
  • Val Chmerkovskiy (710 Votes)
  • Robert Buckley (417 Votes)
  • Milo Ventimiglia (374 Votes)
  • Jay Ryan (370 Votes)
  • Colt Prattes (328 Votes)
  • Brandon Jones (276 Votes)
  • Douglas Friedman (112 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,457

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  • Dan

    This one is so difficult!

  • leo

    The guys on your list are all very handsome. Still saddens me though that we’re on the cusp of 2013, we have a black president, yet most of these year end lists are void of men of color. Who was it that said “the more things change the more they stay the same.”