Man Crush 2011 Showdown: Round 3 (Sep-Dec)

We’re in the home stretch of our 2011 Man Crush Showdown. Just one more final round, before the Top 10 battle it out in the finals. How excited are you? In Round 1, Jonathan D. Lovitz and Chris Hemsworth automatically advanced to the finals due to their first and second place finishes. Joining them from Round 2 are Marco Dapper and Justin Gaston. They received 35% and 27% of last week’s votes respectively. Who will join them from Round 3?

The top two vote-getters from this final round will join that quartet of hotness. Rounding out the Top 10 will be four wild card spots. Those will be given to the studs who received the four most votes. So, Matt Pokora and Mike Vogel from last week who earned 25% and 24% of your admiration might squeak in to the finals. It all depends on the votes.

Check out the Man Crushes who won my cyber heart from the months of September to December of this year. Be sure to vote for all your favorites and vote often. Don’t assume they’ll advance just because they’re pretty.

Man Crush 2011 Showdown Round 3

If you want to check out more pictures of each of the guys, simply click on the original feature date to take you there.

Dillon Casey

Original Feature: Sep 2, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “Nikita”

Why I Chose Him: This sexy beast joined one of my favorite shows from last season, “Nikita”. It’s a shame the CW show’s producers haven’t exploited his buff sexy body like it was in that hot gay sex scene with John Barrowman in “Torchwood”.

Ramon Rodriguez, David Giuntoli and Mark Delkin

Original Feature: Sep 9, 2011

Occupation: Actors, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Grimm” & “Good Christian Belles”

Why I Chose Them: To close out my hot guy Fall television preview, I thought I’d end it with a threeway… a trio of newbies, I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter 😉

Chris Zylka

Original Feature: Sep 15, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “The Secret Circle”

Why I Chose Him: I couldn’t resist squeezing in another new Fall TV hottie. Especially when they look like a younger blonder Josh Hartnett.

Steve Jones

Original Feature: Sep 22, 2011

Occupation: TV Host, “The X Factor”

Why I Chose Him: The British Ryan Seacrest not only has darker features than his blond American counterpart, but he also sports a nice furry chest. At first, his live miscues on “X Factor” annoyed me, but now I found his awkward hosting style a little “adorkable”.

Joshua Bowman

Original Feature: Sep 30, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “Revenge”

Why I Chose Him: They say revenge is sweet, but they also forgot to add hunky and sexy. “Revenge” quickly became my weekly guilty pleasure. I look forward to it every Wednesday and not just because there’s a chance to see Bowman shirtless either.

Zach Nichols & Nick Zano

Original Feature: Oct 6, 2011

Occupation: Real World’er and Actor, “2 Broke Girls”

Why I Chose Him: I initially chose Zach Nichols because I was infatuated with his big buff Thor-like body. But then he came off as a homophobe so my crush officially wore off. Thankfully I added the equally buff Nick Zano as a second crush that week. He’s just as cute and has the same first name… but he’s not a douche. So win.

Stephen Amell

Original Feature: Oct 13, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “Hung”

Why I Chose Him: YUMMMMMMMY. The second he showed off his assets as a busboy-turned-prostitute on this Showtime show, I was searching for dollar bills. I wonder if he takes Monopoly money.

Wilson Bethel

Original Feature: Oct 20, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “Hart of Dixie”

Why I Chose Him: Actually, Tommy hijacked my Man Crush feature for a week and drooled over Bethel. I’m glad he did because he is H.O.T.T… hot. So glad this Rachel Bilson show is set in the Deep South. More opportunity to show Bethel in very little clothing. A boy’s gotta cool off, ya know.

Josh Dallas

Original Feature: Nov 3, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “Once Upon A Time”

Why I Chose Him: He plays Prince Charming on the ABC fantasy drama and he plays prince charming in my fantasy drama as well. Every Sunday night, he appears in my dreams. RAWRRRRRRRR. The things I do to him would make you blush 😉

Justin Bruening

Original Feature: Nov 10, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “The Ringer”

Why I Chose Him: By now, you’ve realized I watch a lot of CW shows. LOL. I’ve had my eye on this former soap actor for awhile now, but it was his steamy scene on the “Ringer” in nothing but a towel that made me really take notice.

Nick Beyeler

Original Feature: Nov 17, 2011

Occupation: Gymnast & Aerialist

Why I Chose Him: The leg positions this gymnast pulls off have me very hot and bothered. He can reverse planche towards me and dismount on my lap anytime he wants.

Nick Ayler

Original Feature: Nov 24, 2011

Occupation: Model

Why I Chose Him: As I eloquently wrote in my Thanksgiving-themed post. I picked him because he is so friggin’ hot I’d gobble, gobble up every ounce of him. Then I would baste him in all my loving and taste his stuffing.

Steven R. McQueen

Original Feature: Dec 2, 2011

Occupation: Actor, “The Vampire Diaries”

Why I Chose Him: The grandson of Hollywood Legend, Steven McQueen, has really grown into his own and become sexier as each year has gone by. If he keeps this up, I actually might watch “The Vampire Diaries”.

Patriota Twins

Original Feature: Dec 16, 2011

Occupation: Models

Why I Chose Him: Why end the year with just one hot Brazilian male model, when you can do it with two. I wonder if they’re identical everywhere 😉

2011 Man Crush Showdown: Who's The Hottest Crush From Round 3? (check all the apply)

  • 07. Joshua Bowman (460 Votes)
  • 17. Patriota Twins (352 Votes)
  • 15. Nick Ayler (286 Votes)
  • 14. Nick Beyeler (276 Votes)
  • 16. Steven R. McQueen (188 Votes)
  • 12. Josh Dallas (147 Votes)
  • 01. Dillon Casey (137 Votes)
  • 05. Chris Zylka (128 Votes)
  • 06. Steve Jones (119 Votes)
  • 09. Nick Zano (112 Votes)
  • 10. Stephen Amell (102 Votes)
  • 03. David Giuntoli (82 Votes)
  • 11. Wilson Bethel (79 Votes)
  • 13. Justin Bruening (76 Votes)
  • 02. Ramon Rodriguez (28 Votes)
  • 08. Zach Nichols (25 Votes)
  • 04. Mark Delkin (19 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,313

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  • ADAM

    those twins are good looking , but the sexual insestual provocative vids / ads / pics they make are in MY OPINION gross . i see nothing HOT about two brothers acting sexual towards each other . this is a , one reason why UNDER EDUCATED str8s think gays are pedophiles and sexual deviants . THINK ABOUT IT !

  • Frank Jones

    How in the world did Benjamin Godfre NOT make this list?
    He is the hottest man around!

  • @Frank. Benjamin Godfre actually made my Top Model 2011 Showdown list. He competed in Round 1 but sadly didn’t advance based on votes. Check it out

  • Tyson

    I agree with you Adam, the whole incest fetish thing is really disgusting

  • Penny

    Who cares what the straights think…. Homophobes will be homophobes regardless of if jesus christ himself would come down and admit to everyone that he loves gays… i do respect your opinion that you think it is disgusting… just to hell with straight people and what they think…