Old School Flashback: Lou Bega’s Mambo #5

“Ladies and gentleman… this is Mambo Number 5.” Those words ring so clear for many of us as we remember the one-hit wonder that was Lou Bega. I can recall being at wedding receptions or clubs and hearing those words ring out over the speakers and suddenly everyone was on the floor ready to dance to that annoying yet lovable song.

Lou Bega is a German musician with an Italian and Ugandan background. His first (and mostly only hit), Mambo No. 5 was a remake of a Perez Prado mambo instrumental and when it came out, that style of music was all the rage. He had it made. The track peaked at Number One on charts worldwide but only managed to hit #3 in the US. The single also double, triple and quadruple platinumed in some countries.

So where is Lou Bega now? Well, he’s still recording music with his latest album titled Free Again being released last year. It charted only in Switzerland and peaked at 78. Poor fella. His last single to hit the airwaves was Sweet Like Cola. You’ll have to check out the not-so-sweet video below.


Lou Bega – Mambo No 5 by zocomoro


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