Days of Our Lives Does Magic Mike

Who knew daytime was where all the action was at? I certainly didn’t. It’s getting gayer by the day, especially Days of Our Lives. First, they have daytime, if not television’s, hottest gay couple doing the nasty and showering together. Now, the male cast is channeling Channing Tatum and the other Magic Mike guys. No wonder DOOL won a GLAAD Media Award recently.

Eric Martsolf (far left), Shawn Christian (far right) and Galen Gering (second from right) strip in solidarity for my former Man Crush Nathan Owens (second from left). Apparently, Owen’s character moonlights as a male exotic dancer to pay off debt he incurred during medical school. Now that’s friendship. Bros that strip together, stay together 😉 To ensure the quartet had the moves, a professional was brought in to improve their thrusting skills.

“Our choreographer was one of those Thunder From Down Under types who had absolutely no shame,” Gering says. “At one point he had us rehearsing this dance where I was going, ‘Whoa! I don’t know about this. It looks like Rafe is [doing something sexual to] Daniel!’ The choreographer said, ‘No, no, it doesn’t look that way at all!’ But then I look over at the other guys and they’re all going, “Uh, yeah it does.” So we had to change that part but, otherwise, it all turned out great.”

I’ve embedded the entire episode below with all the best parts noted, plus a behind the scenes look. In addition, I have Nathan Owens doing a solo in tight shiny booty shorts. God bless daytime soaps. Check them all out below.

DOOL Behind The Scenes

Nathan Owens Stripping

Days of Our Lives Male Cast Strip

Shawn Christian: 0:40, 2:28
Eric Martsolf: 7:32, 10:26
Galen Gering: 11:49, 16:15
Foursome: 17:36

Here are some animated gifs for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

  • Sean

    Gays Of Our Lives 4reals now.

  • Patrick Sean

    “gayer by the day” Huh? Is this a lovely choice adjective now?

  • Donny

    Will & Sonny might be the hottest gay male couple on television ever!

  • stranded

    Owens is INSANELY hot.