That’s no typo. You read that title correctly. While reading up on new American Idol executive producer, Swedish Pers Blankens, I came across this charming little news piece. It’s so random, I simply had to share with you.

To protest the train company’s dress code, roughly a dozen male bus drivers have decided to wear skirts during their shift. The problem is during the summer months, it can get extremely hot in the trains. Since the company forbids wearing shorts, driver Martin Akersten and his colleagues on the Roslagsbanan line have opted for women’s clothing.

Thomas Hedeius, a spokesman for the train company Arriva, says the company wants its staff to look “nice and proper,” but can’t stop men from wearing “women’s clothes” if that’s what they want because it would be discrimination. Just in case you’re wondering, apparently the drivers’ new look has been met with positive responses from the public. God bless the Swedes. It’s no wonder the country is one of thirteen in the world to allow same-sex marriage.

Though the company won’t ban men from wearing skirts, reportedly they will be revisiting the company’s uniform policy in the Fall. Check out the bus drivers below. Too bad, the skirts weren’t a bit sluttier. Perhaps mid thigh would’ve been nice. I wonder if any of them go commando 😉

Swedish Male Train Drivers Start Wearing Skirts