GMF Vancouver Is Coming Back to Town, and This Time We Are Bringing a Spicy Hot DJ From The Big Apple


The best way to find out is by attending our upcoming event!

In my own words, GMF is the party where you can be whoever you want to be! An event where you can relax and be yourself, or let your alter-ego come out and play. It’s not just about going to the club and dancing, it’s about going to a place where you feel welcome, where people have fun, where you can experience something different and where you are not afraid to express yourself.

This party was launched for the fist time last month, and there were so many expectations and questions about the party we were bringing to town. “Let Your Imagination Run Wild” is our motto, and indeed imagination was floating all over the club in our first event. People dressed up in outrageous attires with only one intention: TO HAVE FUN!

What can you expect at GMF?  You can expect great music from local and international DJ’s, local performers, fun dancers, and friendly people. We are gay , we are fun, and we love to party!

This is a GLBT event and we are open to everybody. It is held at Pulse Nightclub, and what is very interesting is that GMF producers spend a whole day changing the club set up and adding extra features to make this event as special as it is.

Did you check out our poster?  A very controversial picture was released and posters were put up on Davie Street. Some establishments thought the poster was a bit too provocative!  On the picture, you can see our own beautiful coverboys Redd and Andre about to kiss.  Like our party, the poster pushes the limits, and we thank amazing photographer Greg Swales ( for his work.

– DJ SCOTTY THOMPSON (NYC) … HOT HOT HOT! (not only sexy, he is extra talented, his beats will blow your mind!)
– DJ NICK BERTOSSI (YVR) … One of the greatest local talents, his music is both fun and sensual.
– GMF SQUAD – 10 sexy boys hosting, dancing and making sure you have an awesome time!  Two
Homorazzi members join the squad on May 23!  fFind out who the night of the event.

– This event is a guaranteed sell-out, so buy your tickets in advance at Little Sisters (Westend) or MASC (Yaletown).
– Fun, sexy, crazy outfits are encouraged, but not mandatory. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!
– Arrive early, as this event gets fully packed before midnight.
– Bring your camera and friends, you’re gonna have a hell of a time!
– Come with your best attitute. People come here to have fun and forget about drama.
– Be respectful and friendly. Please remember this is a GLBT event and we like it that way.

For more info about this event visit and join our Facebook fan page. You can find out about our next events, the DJ´s and other info. This week: Meet DJ Scotty Thomson and squad boys Andre & Redd

Thanks everybody and can’t wait to see you Saturday night!