The Maine Event: Anti-Gay Bigots Win


Well, as you probably already know, the result of voting yesterday was that 53% of people in Maine believe that if gays are allowed to get married, then schools will start teaching children that the boogieman is real and that gay people actually exist.

The US is supposed to be a leader in the world, yet in terms of human rights, only five states — Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire — have legalized gay marriage. For each of these states, the gay marriage law was forced through by the courts or legislation. Even though gay marriage was passed into law in Maine in May, the conservatives petitioned against it, as expected. Maine could have been the first state to pass gay marriage by the popular vote, but after the results last night….Gay Marriage was not passed into law. Another sad day.

What is going on in the world, or even in a country that was supposed to be built to protect people from inequality and oppression. How many cycles of this will there be?

Unfortunately, this is the mindset of the 53% haters…

“Gays are not oppressed on a whim, but because of the specific need of capitalism for the nuclear family. The nuclear family, as the primary — and inexpensive — provider and carer for the workforce, fulfilled in the nineteenth century and still fulfills an important need for capitalism. Alternative sexualities represent a threat to the family model because they provide an alternative role model for people. Gays are going to be in the front line of attack whenever capitalism wants to reinforce family values.” – Louise Tierney

Well, Hitler Louise. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • This is such a shame. Not only for Maine, but for the United States in general. When will people get it? This is just another reason that I’m thankful I’m in Canada now. Obviously not all Americans are stupid when it comes to this issue… but it’s sad that in some places it’s still a majority- if even by a small margin.

  • Mary in Maine

    The Louise Tierney quote you used is amusing me. You think Louise Tierny is Hitler?…funny…the quote is so obviously an anti-capitalism quote and extremely clinical and hyperbolic propagandistic rhetoric that would just leave a Mainer going huh?…you have to live in Maine to understand the culture…I’m from Philly originally…Maine is a different place and people here do not think or talk like that quote no matter how they voted. YO DUDE!! You took the quote out of context – Louise is your anarchist buddy! – and she’s from Ireland. BTW – I voted NO on 1 – Below is a link to Louise Tierney’s manifesto (that contains the quote), Workers Irish Anarchist Paper: Shout it out Loud and Proud

  • keith

    I just wanted to reiterate what Mary in Maine said; Louise Tierney is on our side, she’s attacking capitalism not gay rights.
    I find this misunderstanding a bit offensive and scary and the hitler comment…