Magic Mike Releases A Jizz Load of New Stills

Here’s a little Friday eye candy to get you revved up for the weekend. Warner Bros. just released a whackload of new images from “Magic Mike“, opening on June 29. As expected, the studio is pimping out its hot male cast hardcore in the final weeks of promotion. They’re parading them in hopes of luring your hard-earned dollars come opening day. I’m sure these nineteen new pics will do the trick 😉

For once, the studio has focussed on some of the other talented and sexy supporting players, instead of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer (not that I’m complaining). We finally get to see shirtless shots of Adam Rodriguez in costume and more importantly out of it. Shots of Matt Bomer dressed up in military attire and sexy doctor scrubs are also included. In addition, we get glimpses of the guys off stage as well. Channing and Pettyfer go thong shopping, while Matthew McConaughey works out with the new kid. Check out all the new pics below. Happy Friday.

  • Steve-O

    Didnt think anything could top Joe Manganiello as a fireman, but Matt Bomer in Navy whites!!!!!! droool!

  • Lein

    This movie is going to be better than porn.

  • Sean

    Cheese pure cheese.

  • nefta

    i dont even care if muted like the artist, i going to see this movie.

  • Hopefully they show some nudes 🙂

  • Troy Brown

    “Jake Foster” I’m right there with you. Come on and show us some action. 😛