Madonna has just released the music video for her “Turn Up The Radio” single and we’ve got your first look below. As you saw in the preview, the video is set in Florence, Italy features Madonna being chased by all of her fans.

As the video starts off, she leaves her hotel only to be bombarded by paparazzi and camera flashes. She gets into her car, hides her face, and signals for the driver to take off. As she drives away, she starts to sing about her problems until she finds some guy dancing outside and decides to take them into her car (which now has the top off). She continues to pick up more people along the way as they all pile into this party-mobile. By the end of the video, the hot driver gets out and has his pants around his ankles and Madonna and her crew drive off with out him. That’s not very nice!

I liked the idea of the video, but overall I found it kind of boring. Maybe I’m just a little tired this morning or something. Watch it below and let me know what you think.