Madonna Covers The Advocate

Madonna is poised to make a big comeback with a new single, new album and a huge performance this Sunday at the Super Bowl. But, for over 30 years, Madonna has been considered one of the gays’ biggest icons in music, fashion and the like. However, some feel like Madonna left us behind when her career truly took off. Madonna sees it a little differently. The material girl takes a moment to explain her side to The Advocate.

“I never left them. When you’re single, you certainly have more time to socialize and hang out with your gay friends, but then you get married and you have a husband and you have children, and your husband wants you to spend time with him. I’m not married anymore, but I have four kids, and I don’t have a lot of time for socializing. I hope nobody’s taking that personally. It certainly was not a conscious decision. As it stands, most of my friends in England are gay. But I’m back. Never fear.”

In the interview, Madonna also recalls living in New York in the 80’s at the height of the AIDS crisis. She explains, “I remember lying on a bed with a friend of mine who was a musician, and he had been diagnosed with this kind of cancer, but nobody knew what it was. He was this beautiful man, and I watched him kind of waste away, and then another gay friend, and then another gay friend, and then another gay friend. They were all artists and all truly special and dear to me.”

Madonna’s Advocate cover looks like an old poster you’d find on poles in the streets of New York promoting her next club show. It reminds us of the Madonna of yesteryear. With her new album coming out, it’ll be exciting to see what persona Madge takes on this time around. Check out Madonna’s full cover below.

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    gurrl is still fierce!