#secret project. I want to start a revolution! Are you with me?” For weeks Madonna has been teasing her fans about this “secret project” with pictures like this on her Instagram account. What revolution? And why does she want us with her?

The 54-year-old singer just debuted a trailer for said project and it’s even more of a mystery than before. After watching it, I’m even more clueless. The 60 second clip alternates between a blurry red figure and a twitching bloodshot eye. The one clear thing revealed is that it has something to do with Steven Klein. The photographer previously worked with Madge on numerous tour visuals, which would indicate perhaps the project involves her recent successful MDNA tour. That global romp was the highest-grossing tour in 2012. Perhaps a DVD is on our way? One can only speculate. Check out the clip below.

Madonna Secret Project

What do you think Madonna’s “secret project” is? And more importantly, do you care? Sound off below.