I’m loving the newly released pics of Madonna, Out Magazine just released. For their “Ladies We Love” issue, the magazine chose both Britney Spears and Madonna to share the honors of gracing the cover. Last week, we saw a sneak peek of Brits, and this week it’s her idol’s turn. While Spears’ pictures are new and fresh, the magazine chose to go old school and compiled a bunch of never-before-released pictures of the Material Girl.

Photographer Richard Corman snapped Madonna, who was 24 at the time, a year before she became famous. Snaps of Madonna dancing with neighborhood kids, hanging out with senior citizens and other scenarios in the backdrop of 1980s New York, are pretty amazing. Even though you can see Madonna’s undeniable star quality, there’s this sense of innocence in the photos. Few would’ve predicted that Madonna, who’s still sporting some baby fat in the pics, would revolutionize the music industry. Truly a pioneer.

1980s NYC. Oh, how I would’ve loved to have been there during that era.

WOW. I never really saw the resemblance between Madonna and her teenage daughter, Lourdes, before this pic. It’s sorta uncanny.

Love this photo. It so reminds me of the Madonna I fell in love with.

Madonna looks really pretty here, don’t you think?

How cute is she with all the baby fat still in her face?

LMFAO. Love this picture. I’m sure Madonna is pretty embarrassed by this photo. It’s a cross between Boy George and Stacy Q.

For the rest of the images and the full Madonna piece, head over to http://www.out.com/.

Madonna’s “Borderline” Music Video

Clicking through the pics reminded me of one of my favorite Madonna music videos of all time. I wonder if the photos were taken approximately the same time as filming this video. If you’ve never seen “Borderline” before… shame on you. Rectify that now and watch it below.