Madonna Has Officially Started Working On Her New Album

Yesterday, while everyone in the U.S. was celebrating the Fourth of July, Madonna started work on her new album. Her business partner and manager, Guy O’Seary made the announcement on Twitter to inform fans:

“It’s official.. Madonna’s 1st day in the recording studio for the new album… Very exciting.. Happy 4th of july”

A new Madonna album is always welcome news. Even Kylie Minogue responded on Twitter by immediately responding, “Yaayyyy!!! Madonna has sold 180 million albums worldwide over the course of her 28 year career. This album will be her 15th studio album. The last time she released an album was in 2009 when she released “Celebration,” which was a combination of new and old music.

It will be interesting to see what the album will sound like this time round. Madonna has a history of reinventing herself. For example, “Confessions On A Dancefloor,” is a very different sound from her “Hard Candy” album. Both great, but very different. Madonna’s last single, “Celebration” is definitely in line with the harder dance tracks of today, which would include the likes of: “Hold It Against Me,” by Britney, “Blow,” by Kesha, and “Government Hooker,” by Lady Gaga.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out because although Madonna is a legend, a lot has happened since her last album. The female music scene seems to evolved to become super competitive, with a few ladies (the ones I just mentioned – with the addition of Beyonce) rule the scene.

Will Madonna still be the Queen of Pop, or will she now transition to the Queen Mother?

  • Aaron J

    I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been a big fan since I was a kid. Unfortunately, I’m sure people will write it off because of her age. This is a very sexist and ageist society. Yet, she could still kick the ass of most girls half her age.

  • BritneyLover

    Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop!!!!! Long Live Your Madgesty!!!!

  • Eric

    She will always be the Queen of Pop! It’s about time she start on the new album. I cannot wait!

  • Zee

    Always! Madonna is the Queen!