After a widely acclaimed collaboration for the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show, Madonna invited Moment Factory (based in Montreal) to create multimedia content for her new MDNA world tour. They had four months to develop concepts, create designs and produce multimedia content for 12 songs. Now that the tour has wrapped up, Moment Factory has released a behind the scenes look at the “making of” all of those visuals. It’s pretty fascinating!

The process involved full 2D and 3D animation production, multiple video shoots in India, New York and Montreal. The visuals had to compliment the song and choreography and really intensify the story, drama and emotion of each song. The main stage surface contained 36 cubes, all motorized and covered with LEDs, which were raised and lowered during the performance to create a constantly evolving visual environment. Some examples of the final products include: “Girl Gone Wild” in a photorealistic 3D cathedral; “I’m A Sinner” goes on a kaleidoscopic train trip through India; and the final number, “Celebration,” is an explosion of shape, colour and movement that pushes the LED cubes to their limits.

Every step in the production process was carried out in close collaboration with Madonna and her team, including show director Michel Laprise of Cirque du Soleil, set designer Mark Fisher, lighting designer Al Gurdon, production manager Jake Berry, video technical director Stefaan Desmedt and choreographers Rich + Tone. Watch the fascinating video below!

Madonna – MDNA World Tour (The Making Of)