Madonna’s MDNA tour kicked off in Tel Aviv, Israel this week and the first images and video footage from her tour have hit the web. From what I’ve seen, I’m glad I didn’t buy tickets.

One of the videos included below shows Madonna in a cheerleader’s outfit singing “Express Yourself” which then mashes up into Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” concluding with “She’s Not Me“. The message is heard loud and clear. Now we’ve already discussed the fact that she was doing this mashup, but after watching the video, I think after this MDNA tour, Madonna should stop being so sexual in her dance moves. I get that she’s in great shape, but there comes a time to act & dance age appropriate when your 53-years-old. I think she can accomplish what she wants to accomplish without it.

The other thing that is sparking discussion is the fact that she used Nazi imagery among visuals of violence, war, political protests, and more. Despite the context, should she really be showing this in Israel? Watch both videos below and share your thoughts.

Madonna – MDNA Tour – “Express Yourself / Born This Way”

Madonna – MDNA Tour – “Nobody Knows” Video Interlude