Madonna Reveals Her MDNA Album Cover!

Madonna just released the artwork for her highly anticipated (as they always are) “MDNA” album due out on March 26. The verdict? I LOVE IT! I’ve given you a little teaser above and the full version can be found later in the post. Of course this is just a tiny dose of Madge in comparison to the fact she’ll be performing at the Super Bowl in a matter of days, debuting a new single called “Give Me All Your Luvin“.

As Tommy would say, the album cover (full version shown below) is “on point”. It perfectly encapsulates all that is Madonna and the direction she seems to be headed into with this album. Most importantly, to me it says “I’m still the Queen of Pop, bitch… Look it up.” LOL.

Check out the full version of the album artwork below.

  • shai


  • I so CANNOT wait for her album!

  • .

    queen of pop she still may be – for you old people! you can’t force it to us new generation gays :p

  • .

    to add i think the album cover is very beautiful, though it seems to be a bit REDUCTIVE.

  • Chris

    This actually kinda looks like a Gaga cover.

  • Alan

    I would rather listen to LadyGaga…

  • curtis

    the new generation of gaga lovers are worshipping an ugly ass copycat of Madonna. Remember that the next time your grinding your boney gay hips to that horse face.

  • curtis

    your called monsters for a reasons.

  • Nicole

    Madonna was the Queen of Pop. I still love her for all that she has done and she certainly is still an icon. However, she just isn’t as ground breaking as she used to be. Gaga is not a copycat. Why? Because everything HAS already been done before anyways and Madonna does get credit for being first but still, Gaga has found a way in this day in age, to be ground breaking. Did anyone see Madonna’s interview on 20/20? She isn’t very interesting anymore. Although I must say, she is still a super hot older woman. Why can’t we love both?

  • art

    That cover looks like she is 20, not at single sign of aging! FAKE!
    Way to photoshopped. ITs sad,

  • .

    yes we are ugly – and we are not ashamed of it. unlike madonna who still can’t seem to accept the fact that she too damn old to even dance. the memories of her routine in 4 minutes still haunt me until now

  • zZ

    Trying to insult madonna for being 53 is just STUPIDITY at its best! Everyone ages…EVERYONE…if u are lucky enough of course.

    She is an Artist…and Artists can do whatever they want,no matter their age…and thnx for that!

    Legends are inmortal…and she already is.

    But now we still have her ALIVE! and looking sooo good and sounding even better!

  • Arturo DLT

    The cover is so cool!!!!, that was the point. I still dont understand why people insist in compere Gaga with Madonna, the first is brand new in the business and she is working so hard to have a place in music industry using elements of a lot of artists no only Madonna, Ok Gaga is doing well but still something realy different and apart of waht Madonna do every time she have a new record.

    Madonna have more than 25 years in the industry and 53 years old and she have a body and physical conditon much better than most of the young comun monster woman of this time. so more respect to someone truly professional.

  • Gabriel

    Ok, I love the album cover, it’s the best one since Confessions. My favourite is Ray of Light as an album and as a Cover.

    The baby gay got the artist the album cover resembles wrong. She does not look like Gaga in this album. Just google of “gaga album covers” and you will see that her album covers can be broken into three categories: blond geometric wig, weird glasses, mouth open with no eyebrows and hair floating all over. Definitely not what’s happening on this cover.

    Madonna really looks like Kylie in this cover (look her up baby gays, she’s an amazing australian artist who is HUGE outside North America. On the Kylie note: rumour that M and Kylie will duet soon. That’s something to look forward to.

  • Scott

    I wish we had a man that everyone went crazy over, a gay one, instead of ‘worshipping’ these women.

  • Kristopher

    we will never have a man to worship in music like we do these women because history have proven that gay men can’t make it in music, and they never make good music.
    This cover IS NOT the album cover, well it is the Deluxe Edition cover that is being made available for pre order on friday, not the standard issue album cover.
    and this one DOES not look like a Gaga cover lol, it actually looks alot like one of the outtakes from her first album, if you look at them this could very well be one of them, look at the hair.
    You little gays should be appreciative towards Madonna because without her there would be no Gaga, all she does is jack Madonna’s style, sound and image. Gaga is not groundbreaking at all, take away all the crazy outfits and publicity stunts and you are not left with much she would not have become so big without them, she’s mediocre at best

  • htownjesse

    Madonna reigns supreme. No one is forcing Madonna on you lil monsters. Your lady caca got snubbed & wiped out at the Grammys cause she sucks & is already old news like all would be userpers to Madonna’s crown. L caca is NOT groundbreaking at all. Maybe you bitchy girls should listen to music going back more than 5 years. She sounds like a bad Bonnie Tyler, my apologys to Miss Tyler. Long live Madonna, Regina! You young ones will get older before you know it & some young thing will one day, sooner than you think will call you old & also talk tell you that you are irrelevant. See if you go quietly into the night. Yes we “old” ones know you don’t get it yet. You will.