Madonna’s “Justify My Love” Video Interlude For MDNA Tour

As you know, Madonna is on her MDNA tour right now, and one of the video interludes from the tour has surfaced online – a good quality video too! The video interlude is a remixed version of “Justify My Love” made specifically for the tour.

As evident by the screenshots above, the video is all in black & white. At the beginning of the video, Madonna is running away from these creepy masked men that are laughing at her. She then makes her way into a room where she can hide. There we see Madonna sexing herself up, and at one point saying “You can f*ck with me.” It cuts between normal clips and faux security camera footage, as the exhibitionist that Madge is puts on a show for the cameras. The way she’s dressed reminds me of the Madonna from Dick Tracy.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think. Do you have tickets for the MDNA tour?

  • Donny

    Love it! Gotta admit… she IS the queen.

  • Arturo DLT

    amazing!!!!!as sexy as always!!!!