Jumping on the “No Photoshopping” popularity wave, Madonna posed for a series of pictures for Interview Magazine that harken back to her “Like A Virgin” days. The Material Girl once again sports lacy attire, religious symbols and thick heavy eyebrows as an homage to her former iconic self. Madge posed for Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas for this truly stunning group of photos. Sure there was no photoshopping used to perk her up, but i’m certain soft-lighting experts were on hand to show Madonna in the “best light”.

For the interview portion, the Material Girl chatted with director Gus Van Sant. The two discussed everything from her retirement from music to her refocusing on her “acting” career to Sean Penn and everything in between.

Interview Magazine excerpt:

MADONNA: Did you like working with my ex-husband? [laughs]

VAN SANT: I did. Sean [Penn] was amazing.

MADONNA: He is amazing.

VAN SANT: I haven’t really caught up with Sean since he’s been going to Haiti. I mean, it’s incredible, what he’s been doing.

Check out the full interview at http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/madonna