The sun is shining and Madonna has just released the lyric video for her second single, “Girl Gone Wild“. Such a great start to the week! If you have a sharp eye for detail you’ll have noticed that it’s seems that the song has gone from “Girls Gone Wild” to the singular version. This is more than likely the result of lawsuit threats from Joe Francis, the creator of the “Girls Gone Wild” video series.

As the song starts off, the lyrics Madonna sings are: “It’s so hypnotic / The way he pulls on me / It’s like the force of gravity | Right up under my feet. / It’s so erotic / This feeling can’t be beat | It’s coursing through my whole body | Feel the heat | I got that burnin’ hot Des-I-Re.”

It’s a definitely a hot track to give your workout a boost and to kick the dance floor into high gear. Give the new song a listen below!