Madonna Says “She’s Not Me” In Madge/Gaga Song Mashup

Yesterday, I came across what is believed to be the audio of Madonna in a rehearsal for her upcoming MDNA tour and I just had to share it with you. Remember all of the controversy with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounding extremely similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”? Even Madonna herself had said in an interview with GMA that “Born This Way” was “reductive”. Well, the mashup heard in this audio clip are these two songs…along with a third song: “She’s Not Me“.

Leave it to Madonna to stir the pot a little. You can’t say for sure if she’s taking a dig at Lady Gaga with the song that has lyrics like, “She’s not me and she never will be” or if she’s talking to the media. The other scenerio is that this whole audio clip could be fake, but I personally have a feeling it’s not. It’s probably just her making a statement saying, “stop comparing me to Lady Gaga”.

Give it a listen below and let me know what you think. As bitchy as it could be interpreted, it’s SO Madonna and it would totally get fans all riled up at her concert.

  • CBL

    That could just be a mashup of her song she’s not me that goes “she’s not me, she doesn’t have my name, she’ll never have what I have, It won’t be the same.”

  • Oliver

    If she really does this in her concert, it’s probably the most pathetic move of her career ever. But Madonna seems to be really desperate. MDNA has been a huge flop with less than 0.5 million US sales (BORN THIS WAY = 2.1 mill US sales + 2 x platinum), let alone that her latest single GIRL GONE WILD did not even make the US TOP 100, whereas Gaga has scored five TOP 100 hits from her latest album including 4 TOP 10 hits.
    Madonna should just accept that there is a new Queen of Pop instead of bashing her with song medleys like these.

  • maximreed

    this is a bit of pathetic move indeed. she should rise above that.
    especially since lady gaga is faaaaaar behind madonna and will probably never rise above her, so why should she care. she’s the queen, she always has been, and she will still be for long. the only one right now that has the potential to become queen one day is britney.
    madonna should not lower herself down to gaga, like that.

  • Oliver

    @maximreed: Seriously? Britney? She’s a nutcase and everybody thinks so.

  • Mauricio

    Madonna pathetic? Gaga new Queen? Please gaga is an ugly copycat of Madonna..she always copies her looks and music..The statement “She’s not me” is the best way to say “Come on, that bitch never, never is going to be The Queen of POP”…Compare Tours!! Gaga even can’t dance.!!! Come Madonna is The Queen!! and the truth hurts Oliver little monster

  • David

    I agree with Oliver and i’m not a fan of Gaga, but i accepted what she is doing is doing well ( copying reinventing or whatever she does it well ) , , and i dunno if i’m the only one that think Madonna was another marketing product, just because she was the first one doing irreverent things doesn’t mean she was completely original, she took ideas from another artist and made them universal, ( eg, what apple does with their products ) in my opinion, back in that time the real creativel artist were, Cindy Lauper and Grace Jones.

  • Belladonna

    Why is Madonna so Hateful I dont get it. She went from this Amazing Italian girl who fights for the rights of other to this not so nice rich white woman who’s just a mean bitch and forgot who she was.

  • DQ

    Really? Do you think Madonna with all her studio resources would be using “digital media converter pro trial version” with the “please purchase” splashed all over the screen? I think not.

  • Rob

    Yeah whatever but your album sucked and you’re trying to get some of the attention you didn’t get in the rankings
    Stop criticizing Gaga and do your own thing. And I mean, not Nicki’s, not Guetta, YOUR own thing ok? You haven’t lately..

  • Oliver

    @Mauricio: Well, I am not a Gaga fan nor a Madonna fan. In fact I have been listening to both of their music.
    But criticizing another artist who is her biggest competition these days has not been Madonna’s classiest move, especially considering that Lady Gaga sells six times as much as she does.
    I remember back in the 80s she used to do the same with Cyndi Lauper because she felt threatened by her. Lauper was way more successful than Madonna in 1983 and Madonna constantly criticized her. That’s not classy, that’s pathetic. I thought Madonna would have learnt a few things in the past 30 years but obviously she has not.

  • Aaron J

    Since “Born This Way” is a copyrighted song, Madonna would’ve had to receive permission in order to perform it. Don’t kid yourself, they’re both playing off this media/fan driven “feud”.

  • DQ

    And here I thought this was a prank. Turns out it’s true.

  • Oliver

    @Aaron J: No, this is not true. You can do a cover version anytime for your concerts. She didn’t need to get permission from Gaga to do this.

  • Aaron J

    @Oliver: This tour will be filmed and released on DVD/Bluray. Just like when she covered “I Feel Love” on the Confessions tour, it was mentioned in the liner notes. She will have to have permission to have it recorded and sold.

  • Ryan

    Lady Gaga has drawn plenty of inspiration from Madonna AND Kylie Minogue! Gaga’s song Electric Chapel sounds exactly like Cupid Boy from Kylie’s album Aphrodite. NOT to mention that she has repeatedly copied Kylie’s fashion… if anything Gaga is a mixture of both Kylie and Madonna. Britney is a fifth wheel at this point in her career. Brit Brit is stale, hence she’s judging the X Factor, just as Dannii Minogue did in the UK. Kylie is Queen of Pop!