Madonna’s Latest Clip Without Music Is Frightening & Hilarious At The Same Time


I’m totally on board with this whole without music‘ trend. Without the actual song playing in the background and sound effects amped up, music videos become brilliant comedic clips.

The latest artist to suffer through this treatment is Madonna for her colorful “Bitch, I’m Madonna” visual. The whole thing plays like a comedy-horror short film once the Diplo-produced beat is removed.

Madonna wrestling with the balloons and being choked, along with Chris Rock’s vocals are my favorite parts. Check out the brilliance below courtesy of YouTube user House of Halo.

Madonna ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ Without Music

  • Donny

    They eyes and lips have it!

  • Chorva

    6’2″? Isn’t that too tall to be a model? Good looking fellow though.

  • Dean

    For naked models look at! My fave!

  • Kiky

    He’s really hot!