Happy Birthday, Madonna: The Queen Through The Years

The original Queen of Pop turned the BIG 5-4 today! In true Madonna fashion, the singer doesn’t look a day over 40 and still seems to have the energy she did as a young star. She’s been a gay icon for decades and has been credited with inspiring many of the singers we love currently such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

I particularly find Madonna fascinating because she’s just a girl from Michigan who managed to rule the world – and as a boy from a small town in Michigan, I find this as inspirational as it gets.

Lets take a trip down memory lane to see how the material girl went from rising star to international icon.

As a young singer, Madonna shocked audiences with her unique style and attitude. In this clip from 1984, Dick Clark (another generation’s Ryan Seacrest) asks her what she would like to accomplish in the rest of her professional life.  I think her prayers were answered…

That same year, Madonna dressed as the virginal bride for her timeless performance of “Like a Virgin.” With a belt around her waist that read “boy toy”, Madonna proved to the world that she wasn’t afraid of a little controversy.

By 1989 Madonna was on the road to becoming a legend. She had a string of hits under her belt (“Crazy for You”, “Open Your Heart”, “Papa Don’t Preach”) and was ready to stir the pot some more. That year she released the “Like a Prayer” video, which caused an uproar in most religious groups.

During the 90s, Madonna went through a lot of phases ranging from a sex-crazed minx in “Erotica”, a gothic queen in “Frozen” and even an acclaimed actress for her role in “Evita.” Hearing this song and feeling the emotions definitely made me question my sexuality at a young age LOL.

Who could forget this gem? Madonna truly came full circle when she performed with current pop princesses (at the time) Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Ending with an orchestrated kiss between the three ladies, this performance added yet another bit of controversy to Madonna’s fruitful career.

With such a successful career, it’s nearly impossible to fit it all into one post. Madonna managed to capture the hearts of so many by simply being herself and making no apologies along the way. She’s a pop star, a mother and now an icon.

What’s your favorite Madonna moment?

  • delroy

    No matter what she is and will be the queen of pop, all the new female acts out at the moment just sample off her and Janet J, they will never be original or class as originators by people who no the history of music. I can’t wait for her come back, i wonder what she will bring to the table. I like the fact that she takes time with her changes instead of forever changing and sampling off others.

  • Kenny

    My favorite Madonna moment would have to be a live concert of her MDNA tour I saw 2 weeks ago in Vienna. She’s a true legend and gave me 2 unforgettable hours of joy and amazement.

  • arc

    Every Madonna moment is my favorite!

  • Arturo DLT