MADtv first aired October 14, 1995, airing on Saturday nights on Fox – perfectly complementing SNL for a night full of sketch comedy. After 14 seasons, it was canceled. There are several characters that were total hits, and had several sketches written for them as a result. There were also some others that I found were totally hilarious, that maybe didn’t get enough play time.

I’d say one of the differences between MADtv and SNL was that MADtv could be a little more vulgar, and they weren’t afraid to push the limits a bit more. Some examples of that were when they made fun of the Madonna & Britney Me Against The Music music video, with Madonna as a perverted creepy old lady trying to hang out with Britney and stalking her throughout the video. Another example was where they made fun of the fact that The Hills has absolutely no Black representation in the show – on it’s 6th season, I’ve yet to see ONE Black person! Or also way back in the day, where they made fun of the fact that that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams insignificant in the group that was Destiny’s Child. There was only one child: Beyonce.

Aside from these one offs, as mentioned there were several breakout characters in this show. Check out my top characters, and watch some of my favorite segments with them. (Hint: Cast member Rich is impersonating one of these five characters above in his Halloween costume from a couple years back).


Played by Michael McDonald, who was in a total of 10 seasons all together. The Wiki description of this character “is a little boy with a constantly dazed and vacant look on his face. His wacky, borderline alcoholic, thick Wisconsin-accented mother Doreen (Mo Collins), nags, scolds and screams at him for getting into mischief. One of her tagphrases is “What did Momma say about that, Stuart? What did Momma say?” Some of his catch phrases include:

  • “I can do it!”
  • “Look what I can do!”
  • “Dooooon’t!”
  • “I don’t wanna say!”

Ms. Swan (Bunny Swan)

This character was played by Alex Borstein. Ms. Swan works as a manicurist at the “Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon” (which she mispronounces as “Goja Pitty Booty Nay Salon”) and her country of origin/ethnicity was never clear – although she did look a lot like Bjork! LOL. In her sketches, she usually never gives a straight answer, driving the other characters insane. Some of her catch phrases include:

  • “Okay, I teh yu evryteen.”
  • “He look-a like-a man”
  • “Thanks to you”
  • “Monkey in the bush”
  • Lorraine Swanson

    Played by Mo Collins is, as Wiki describes, “a confused, middle-aged woman from Fridley, Minnesota who gets into trouble when failing to comply with people’s instructions. Lorraine wears high, elastic-waist jeans into which she tucks her shirt. Lorraine also wears an unbuttoned knit sweater (usually red) and her trademark over-sized thick glasses. She speaks with a very thick Fargo accent.”

    • “Gaaaaawd, that’s/you’re cute”
    • “Uh-huh-huh-huh!”
    • “Huh?!”

    Dot Goddard

    Played by Stephnie Weir (what a “weir” way to spell Stephanie!). Her character is a “kooky, neglected, hyperactive, gum-chewing 7-year-old with an enormous child-like imagination.” She’s hilarious (and annoying). Here are some of the her quotes:

    • “Look how little my gloves are, how are they ever gonna fit on my hand?”
    • “How come everyone’s looking at me?”

    Bon Qui Qui

    Played by Anjelah Johnson, Bon Qui Qui is “a stereotypical urban Latina who is confused by seemingly not so complicated things. She works at King Burger, which is a parody of Burger King as part of the Out of the Hood program, according to her manager (Michael McDonald). The only customer she recognizes in her one-time appearance is her presumed boyfriend, who is under house arrest but sneaking out to purchase a meal and visiting Bon Qui Qui.” Her main catch phrase is: “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a conversation don’t interrupt. RUDE!”