Mad Men Season 6 Photos Released

Need a 60s nostalgia fix? You’re in luck. AMC just revealed the premiere date of the sixth season of Mad Men. The penultimate season will begin on April 7, 2013 with a two-hour episode. That’s right. The period drama will end after Season 7. I haven’t kept up with the shenanigans of Don Draper for a couple of seasons now, but will definitely tune in to see how it all ends.

“To be able to continue exploring the stories of these characters for a sixth season is an amazing opportunity,” says series creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner. “We love mining this world and look forward to bringing the audience stories that we hope will continue to both surprise and entertain them.”

To tide fans over til the Season 6 premiere, the network unveiled four stunning black and white promo pictures of the cast. For those who feared that Elisabeth Moss would be leaving the series, fear not. Peggy has an entire photo to herself with a trio of faceless men around her. Things don’t seem so bright for Jon Hamm though. In one photo, he has a melancholy look while the women in his life surround him.

The vibe of the pic falls in line with Weiner’s plans for Draper in the upcoming season. “He had a pretty dark season. He was trying to be happy…What was the second marriage like? Was he going to do it right this time?…So where is he going from there? I don’t know.” Check out the quartet of promo photos below. They might leave a clue.

Are you still watching Mad Men? Are you sad that there are only two seasons left of the Emmy-award winning drama? What do you hope happens for your favorite characters this upcoming season? Sound off below.