Fresh off their MTV VMA win, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis paid Chelsea Handler a visit on her E! late night show. Handler didn’t waste anytime getting down to business. At the top of the interview, the hip-hop duo from Seattle addressed gay rumors. Both are sadly straight with Macklemore engaged. Also disappointing, for all you folks who thought he was a redhead, including myself, he’s actually strawberry blond. No ginger pride here 😉 Here’s how the LGBT anthem “Same Love” came to be.

“It was an issue that I wanted to tackle but as a straight man, I’m like what is my vantage point on this issue? I tried to write it from the perspective of a gay, bullied kid. Brought it back to the studio, Ryan heard it and was like, ‘That’s not your story to tell. You have a story here, talk about your experience’ and I started there.” – Macklemore

Check out the brief six-minute chat below. It’s quite entertaining due to Macklemore and Handler’s spicy banter.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Interview