Macklemore Fights Addiction In ‘Drug Dealer’ Music Video

macklemore-drug-dealer-videoWhen it comes to social issues, Macklemore has no qualms speaking his mind. The 33-year-old Seattle rapper declared his pro-LGBT stance on “Same Love” and discussed white privilege on a couple of other tracks.

He’s now taking aim at the massive pharmaceutical industry. “Drug Dealer” finds Macklemore rapping about the ongoing opioid addiction epidemic.

“They said it wasn’t a gateway drug
My homie was takin’ subs and he ain’t wake up
The whole while, these billionaires, they kicked up
Paying out congress so we take their drugs”

The accompanying visual, directed by Jason Koenig, shows Macklemore naked while battling his addiction demons. Based on his swollen eyes and profuse sweating, it’s clear his detox isn’t going well. Guest vocalist Ariana DeBoo is also suffering as she’s bathing in a sea of pills. Check out the powerful clip for “Drug Dealer” below.

Macklemore ft. Ariana DeBoo ‘Drug Dealer’ Music Video