Lunch with Charlie

charlie-davidYesterday, I had lunch with out Canadian actor, Charlie David – best known as one of the stars of Dante’s Cove. In 2005, he was also identified by Out Magazine as one of the “Out 100”, for his contributions to the LGBT community.

He is 28 years old and has distinguished himself as a working actor, producer, model, writer, agent, and business man. It was very inspiring for me to talk to him as I delve more deeply into the world of entrepreneurship. It is extremely motivating to here about the success of others, as well as their journey.

Somehow in conversation Numerology came up in conversation, so he sent me mine, which you can do yourself by checking out It was actually pretty accurate. I thought there was only horoscopes, but I guess there is more out there than that!

Here’s an excerpt from my breakdown:

“You are about freedom, independence and the right to follow where your heart and gut-instincts lead you in life. You are an inquisitive soul with many questions that can only be answered through travel, exploration and experiencing a variety of life situations….You are best suited to freelance work or being your own boss as stuffy offices and rigid routines are deadly to your imagination and soul.”

… Pretty accurate in my opinion!”