“Brothers & Sisters” Star Luke MacFarlane Shows His “Erection”

You might be shocked to know that I never watched “Brothers and Sisters” when it aired on ABC. What kind of gay am I, right? Based on this new erotic short film starring Luke MacFarlane, I probably should’ve stayed tuned after watching “Desperate Housewives“. DAMN, he’s one fine piece of a$$. The 32-year-old openly gay actor played Scotty Wandell on the ABC drama and now he’s taking on a very different role… straight *gasp*. Who says gay actors can’t play straight?

Erection” is currently being shown on the short film festival circuit. Written by Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi, the 9-minute flick has MacFarlane playing a straight guy named Dean who has performance issues in the sack. While the actual short film isn’t available til the film festival season is over, I have a few screencaps from “Erection”. It may be a short film, but I doubt that anything Luke has, is “short”.

If the rumors of Luke MacFarlane and Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) dating years ago were true, it’s a shame they broke up. They make one super hot couple. I’d love to be the meat in that sandwich. Hell, I’d even settle for a bucket of popcorn and watch them do their thing. YUM.

Did you watch “Brothers & Sisters“? Do you miss it? Did you crush on Luke back then? Sound off below.

  • Jim

    Oh yeah, Luke is so sexy, one of the reasons I miss Brothers and Sisters!!

  • Regen

    Wow, hope I can see this short film soon. I have a crush on Luke, he’s so sexy!

  • JT

    oh wow. he’s fiine

  • Castiel

    I really miss Luke & Matthew or should I say Kevin & Scotty – one of my all time fav gay couples 😡

  • That’s one rocky erection lol

  • Ryan

    “Kevin and Scotty” were probably the most honest portrayal of a gay couple I’ve seen on TV. Luke is freaking delicious, and I like when life gets so generous as to have a short film like this exist with a hottie like Luke in it. 🙂

  • clifford

    I really miss Luke MacFarlane being in things. His and Kevin’s story line was the only one that REALLY got me ever. And Kevin and Scotty’s argument in the final episode was beautiful. Hot damn.

  • tannaz

    Full movie ERECTION starring Luke Macfarlane is now available for download:


  • Monty

    Luke is not only ‘hot sexy’, but also ‘cute sexy’. Those dimples in those chiseled cheek bones (the ones on his face I mean) are adorable. He’s like alpha dog and puppy dog rolled into one. And they apparently grow’em big up in Canada. He can also carry a tune, too (he’s a singer as well as an actor). Maybe now that Wentworth Miller is officially out, they’ll come out together as Hollywood’s most handsome couple!


    I watched it, I loved Scotty. But Robert was my favorite. Scotty was dishy to look at. 🙂

  • Thomas Cabaniss

    Luke can hang his undies on my bed post anytime.