New Point Break Trailer Puts Spotlight On Johnny Utah


I had a major Keanu Reeves phase back in the day. While Speed is my favorite flick of his, Point Break ranks high up there as well. Luke Bracey is no Reeves, but I think he’ll do the iconic character of Johnny Utah justice.

The new trailer for the remake gives a more in-depth look into the young FBI agent Utah and the team of thrill-seeking criminals he infiltrates. The remake has certainly amped up the action to the nth degree. The stunts shown are insanely sick and death-defying. Édgar Ramírez who plays Bodhi originally portrayed by Patrick Swayze recently talked about the extreme stunts.

“These stunts were performed by real people and many of them performed for the very first time,” Ramirez told EW. “A lot of people put their lives on the line for this film.”

Point Break thrills moviegoers on Christmas Day. Check out the second trailer below.

Point Break Movie Trailer #2