Is Ludacris The New Oprah?



Rapper Ludacris known for his hits “Stand Up”, “Area Codes” and “Money Maker” was doing his best Oprah impression this weekend. The 31-year-old hip hopper was busy giving away 20 cars to people who submitted winning essays describing their struggles with their daily commute. Luda partnered with an Atlanta car dealership to provide the cars for those stories that touched his heart the most. Over 4000 300-word essays were submitted describing why they deserved a car.

Ludacris pointed out a couple of the stories that touched him the most. Mading Duor, an immigrant for Sudan described how he moved to the US from his homeland six years ago after his parents and five siblings were killed. Unfortunately, tragedy also followed him stateside when his son was killed by a drunken driver in Atlanta a few years ago. Luda stated “He’s endured so much in his life and he’s still standing here. I’m very proud to have helped him.” Duor was the lucky recipient of a Nissan Maxima which he can now use to help him get to and from his steady job while pursuing his education. The stress of how to get from point A to point B in a timely manner will no longer be his concern.

Another winner was single mother, Crystal Beauford who used to ride the bus between two jobs and school. The 26-year-old college student doesn’t even know how to drive her standard Saturn Ion but exclaimed she will learn.

I give big KUDOS to Luda for giving back to the community. Sometimes when certain celebrities are involved in charities you sense they have ulterior motives with their charitable efforts. The contest winners also received free gas for 30 days but were responsible for registration, taxes, insurance and tags and in Crystal’s case, driving lessons as well.

Here’s a video (remixed) of that infamous Oprah Winfrey episode where she gave out 100 cars to audience members. She first set it up by saying she had another car to give away and the lucky person with the key in their blue box would be winner. Little did the audience nor the viewers at home know that everyone had a key in their box. What ensued was hysteria as women started cheering and Oprah shouting those oft-mocked words “YOU GET A CAR. YOU GET A CAR. YOU GET A CAR.” The episode ended with all the women and Oprah running outside claiming the color of the car they wanted.

  • bruin

    thats a really nice act of kindness from luda…it’s crazy to hear life struggling stories like those. thanks for sharing. it just makes you go into perspective on how lucky you are ….

    as for oprah, lol at the remix. she just gave cars to her audience though. i think luda gets more credit & brownie pts since he actually gave a necessity to deserving folks..