Bad Luck For The First New TV Show Cancelation Of Fall 2013

At the beginning of fall we are treated to dozens of new TV shows, in addition to our returning favorites. It can actually be quite overwhelming to decide what to watch given that there’s something new premiering every night. However, not too long after all of these new show premieres come the inevitable cancellations.

The first cut has already been made after only two episodes…

ABC has decided to cancel Lucky 7 following its poor performance in viewership. The show lost 50 percent of its opening-week audience, falling to a 0.7 demo rating. Luck was definitely not on Lucky 7’s side. I watched the first episode because I did like the concept of the show and that it was loosely based on group lottery winning dramas that have happened in real life. That being said, some of the characters I didn’t care for and I thought some of the plot was weak or unnecessary. Seven people winning the lottery is dramatic enough, why add all this unnecessary pre-winning burglary to it?

I’m not surprised to see this one canceled, but I’m always surprised at how fast these things happen. Starting this week, the show will be replaced with re-runs of Scandal. Did any of you watch this show? Are you disappointed that it’s canceled or did you see it coming? Do you have any predictions for what’s getting the boot next? Share your thoughts below.

  • Frank

    Well I just hope Matt Long gets a new show soon he’s so dreamy.

  • stranded

    What’s strange is that i didn’t even know this show existed. I would have watched, but i never saw one commercial for it.