Nickelodeon Star Comes Out

Let me preface this by saying I have no idea who Lucas Cruikshank is. Probably due to the fact I don’t watch Nickelodeon or still at my previous employment, working at a kids/teen online magazine. But I’m sure some of our younger readers will. The 19-year-old comic actor is known for his character Fred Figglehorn and subsequent Fred: The Movie franchise.

Cruikshank just posted a YouTube video with his girl BFF Jennifer Veal. The two filmed their answers to user-submitted questions. Halfway through the clip, the QUESTION gets asked, “Are You Gay?” With a resounding hands up, “I’m gay” response, Cruikshank confirms the obvious. Even I, who didn’t know who he was, figured that out within two seconds of the video 🙂 I kid. He goes on to reveal he’s been out to his family for three years. Props for taking the step to publicly announce it. Check out his coming out below.

Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out

  • Sean

    He was youtube famous before he became a Nickelodeon star. In fact he was one of the first youtube celebs to get a television show and movie based on his character FRED that became famous via youtube.

  • jolincas

    hahahahahahaha that question was like asking: are you a guy? or do you have brown hair?

  • Leroy

    OMG Cher’s dog knew he was gay! This isn’t a huge surprise! LOL

  • Dan

    Wow could these two be more annoying?

  • Tyler

    he is very cute, but his friend is kinda annoying.

  • KB

    he kinda looks like he could be related to demi lavoto

  • Zeke

    was that supposed to be a surprise or something?

  • Yaletownman

    The kid created one, it not the most popular Youtube Characters of all time. For a web-site that whose entire foundation is based upon dissing popular culture you’re really not to with it sometime.