Lt. Dan Choi’s a Hot Commodity?


Okay I guess SOME people would be turned on by his bravery, individuality, probably chiseled army bod, and dedicated activism…but it still came as a shock when Vanity Fair’s party reporter George Wayne attended the same party as Choi and did some hardcore, make-no-mistake-i’m-hitting-on-you flirting action.

I guess Choi had a little time to himself to attend the Broadway opening of Next Fall when he ran into Wayne (or Wayne ran into him, whoever you think the initial aggressor would be).

Says a report:

G.W. did his best to gracefully and subtly angle his body so that he was face-to-face with his target of the evening: the gay poster hunk of the U.S. Army. “I don’t remember your name, but aren’t you the poster boy fighting to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?” The surprisingly tall, impressively brawny combat veteran laughed uproariously. “I don’t know if I am the poster boy,” Lieutenant Dan Choi said. “But whatever you say.” G.W. says you should do a nude pinup calendar—guess who would be the photographer? He laughed even louder.

Gay poster hunk??? Did I miss something? Really? Okay each to their own.

The shocking thing was that Choi was said to be in a relationship all this time with under the table bf Matthew Kinsey. I mean that was one of the main motivator’s for him to publically come out in the FIRST place, was to continue his relationship with pride. So…Choi’s …available now??

CONTINUES THE REPORT (oddly enough in the style of an erotic fantasy novel):

As to be expected from this lout, a tasteful segue: So how tight is that ass of yours, Lieutenant Choi? “Why don’t you see for yourself?” Game on! G.W. spun the army boy around. Can I touch it? “You can touch anything you want.” So this horny toad groped the left cheek. (I’ve heard of bubble butt—but his was simply queenious! Eat your heart out, Eric Massa!) Are you married? “No.” Are you on the market? “Yes. Are you interested? Maybe I’ll give you a discount.” G.W. remained silent. “I hope all this is off the record.” No, we are not, he was reminded. The digital recorder in your face is alive and kicking, buddy! We exchanged phone numbers. Who knows? Maybe Dan Choi can be coaxed into taking all his clothes off and dancing to the fagulous rite of spring—the G.W. version! Woo-hoo!

Anyone else need a moment to recover from that….queenious encounter? Well the rules of gay clearly point to those two hooking up that night. BUT point is it looks like America’s most famous gay poster boy’s bubble butt is fair game now. Careful Choi, you keep hooking up with reporters and your personal life will need it’s own DADT policy.