Check Out “Love, Wedding, Marriage” In Theatres July 1st

If you are looking for that feel good romantic comedy for the summer, I may have found just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt that it also co-stars the ultra sexy Kellan Lutz alongside veteran romantic comedy actress, Mandy Moore. So what’s this all about?

Ava (played by Mandy Moore) is a newlywed marriage counsellor who has just experienced the fairytale wedding of her own to Charlie (played by Kellan Lutz). Her view on marriage is that everything can work out and be resolved. This thought process is challenged however when she discovers that her parents (Jane Seymour & James Brolin) want to get a divorce. Despite the efforts of herself and sister Shelby (played by Jessica Szohr), she cannot seem to pull the ship around for the two.

Amid the crisis of her parents getting a divorce weeks before their anniversary party, Ava and Charlie fall into some newlywed problems of their own when one of Charlie’s friends blurts out at dinner that he was almost married once before. Will the two learn to focus on their own marriage and live happily ever after?

Love, Wedding, Marriage hits theatres July 1st.