Sports Stud: Louis Smith

This week I’m jumping a cross the pond and putting the spotlight on a sexy artistic gymnast from the UK named Louis Smith. Being a gymnast, I don’t think I need to inform you about how great of shape this 22-year old is in. His best event is the pommel horse and he has been junior European champion (twice) and Commonwealth Games champion as well. There’s a lot of buzz around this guy for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. At the 2008 Olympics, he broke several records including being the first in Britain to win a medal in the individual Olympics since 1908, first from Britain to win a medal in gymnastics since 1928, and second black male gymnast to win in an Olympic competition. Pretty amazing!

The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships just took place in Tokyo where unfortunately Great Britain’s men’s gymnastics team missed the first chance to qualify for London 2012. Smith made it to the final on the pommel horse final but can’t qualify for next year’s Olympics even if he wins a medal because he failed fulfil new rules introduced by the world governing body. They state that an individual gymnast can only qualify if his team fail to do so if he has competed on three pieces of apparatus – to within 85% of the average qualifying score – and then goes on to win a medal. He only competed on the pommel horse and therefore failed to meet the criteria. The second qualification opportunity will take place in January.

Another interesting fact about him is that last year he auditioned for The X-Factor (UK). For the most part, he just sings in the shower or in the car now – or in a store to embarrass his girlfriend. Check out his sexy photos below.

Stunning photo!

Louis grasping onto the rings with intense focus in his eyes.

You better giddy up on that horse.

Check out those arm & leg muscles. Woof!

Smith competing at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Wow. That is incredibly hot in so many ways.

He’s in imPECcable shape.

Smith teasing with his phone. In doing my research, I came across another photo of him doing the same thing…but without any clothes on. Not sure if it’s real or not but if it is, I guess you could say he’s hung like a (pommel) horse.

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    Love male gymnastics for all the wrong reasons!