Behind The Cast: Mission…Impossible?


I am embarking on a mission. It’s one that pretty much everyone decides to go through, and whether or not they succeed is always different to each person. But here I am.

Yes, Homorazzi readers, I am going to lose weight.

Big deal right? Every single person makes the resolution every year “After THIS Christmas, I am going to lose weight”. It’s such a common thing that the fitness and health industries make pretty much ALL of their money in the first 4 months of the year! WHAT!?!

Making a decision like this is actually kind of a hard one. With major encouragement from my roommate, and SERIOUS problems with all my clothes, this is going to be my project for the next little while. I am going to do the whole before and after photos. Talk about all of my failures, and the few successes I have. I’m mainly going to keep this as real as possible because I absolutely 100% HATE working out. I HATE not eating what I want, when I want and I HATE how I feel and look right now. My challenges are going to lie in actually getting my ass to the gym, and keeping up with some kind of a routine because I am easily distracted and for me, I would much rather just watch TV and eat whatever fast food is available to me than go walk for 30 minutes.

I’m realistic about this though. I know that I will probably NEVER in my life look like the cookie cutter gay boy. I will never have a six pack, my tits won’t be protruding from my shirt so you can see them a mile away, I will probably never be a size 30, and I’m OK with that. What I’m not ok with is the fact that I can’t fit into any of my clothes, and that I have, for the first time in my life, bought a pair of size 36 jeans. Oh yeah, I admitted it, and I’m ok with it. Just you wait…I’ll show you a picture of what I look like sans shirt real soon!

Unlike all the other cast members, I am at a point right now where I can go either way. Fork in the road people, and it’s time to act. I can fuck it all and just continue to gain weight until I reach 300 pounds (It would be easy trust me), or I bite the bullet and start doing this. I need to get back down to under 200, and I need to do it now.

I’m not doing this in a self indulgent way. I’m doing this in an honest way. Unlike Patrick I am not starting out in shape , trying to get in better shape. I’m not Sean Horlor who was on a mission with LL Cool J to achieve the perfect 6 pack while already having a 4 pac. I’m a 220lb homo with a beer keg, who needs to lose it because I don’t look good naked anymore. I’m going to make slips ups, I’m probably going to cheat. I’m probably going to say fuck it and eat KFC at least once a week…but this is my story.

Come on the journey with me if you like. I know the only way that I will do this is if I keep it public. Plus, it’ll make a good fucking story on here.

Stay tuned in the next couple days as I give you my exact weight, and do the before pictures…and I promise I won’t suck in.

  • David Everhart

    Good for you Tommy! 🙂 Look forward to seeing how it all pans out. Maybe you can help motivate some of us to get to the gym as well. 🙂

  • Dustin

    Good for you!

    The best way to keep at it is to be honest! I should probably hop on the bandwagon too… Haha!

  • Jason C-K

    Haha, the 4th paragraph of this post:

    “Making a decision like this is actually kind of a hard on”…

    A “hard on”? Freudian slip? 🙂

    In all seriousness, though – good for you, and best of luck. The first step is just making incremental changes in your life that eventually become positive habits… and don’t beat yourself up along the way. Enjoy the process, set a goal, and celebrate at the end!!

  • Justin

    Quit focussing on what you hate, and try to find something that you enjoy doing. I really enjoy running and last year, I took that on as my hobby. It’s a cliche, but it’s true, you will feel motivated if you are actually enjoying what you are doing.

    In addition to fitness, try to get moving whenever you can. Instead of the elevator, use the stairs. Walk to the corner store, rather than drive the car.

    At the same time, keep your goals reasonable. I try to avoid setting goals based on weight, and base my goals on my exercising routine.

  • Jared

    Tommy, this is awesome! It’s great you’re taking the initiative to really get going on this and MAKING A PLAN (which is the most important thing with something like working out). I like how you’ve also set yourself up for a realistic idea of how things are going to turn out, because you don’t want to disappoint yourself. I think the three most important things to think about are: Genetics, exercise, diet.

    If you know you’ve always been a big guy in general, or grew up with a bigger frame going through your teen years, then it’s inherently going to be harder to work out (which is true for so many people), and the truth is that many people don’t care if you can’t be super muscular. Genetics makes up for a lot of what your potential will be once you hit the gym, so don’t beat yourself up on what you can’t achieve.

    Like I said in Patrick’s post, it’s best to keep a workout buddy regardless if you don’t share the same workout plan. The encouragement and conversation makes working out more fun, and helps you stick to your plan. You’ll end up doing a lot more cardio for your goal, but don’t forget weights too! Lighter weights with more reps (15-20) will help you tone up rather than bulk up and gain more weight. People honestly don’t care if you’re using dinky weights, so don’t be self-conscious about that either.

    Diet: Diet makes up for the most of how your results will turn out. But hey, I’m like you in that I’m not going to sacrifice all the things I love eating just for my workout plan. Occasionally I’ll indulge in foods when dining out, eatings desserts, etc. What you really need to focus on is portion control (6 smaller meals is the way to go on this too), and knowing what you’re eating. Really learn to start reading nutrition labels and being able to roughly count calories. Again, the occasional indulgence doesn’t hurt, because you can make up for the calories in another meal, or by working out harder. Life isn’t fun if you don’t get to enjoy what you love, so don’t deprive yourself of the food you love. (I honestly believe that if you’re unhappy because you don’t eat what you want, you won’t lose weight at all because of the negative psychology happening in your head).

    It’s gonna be a long road, but I’m sure you’ll have a great support system holding you up. Good luck!

  • bruin

    being from LA i would say starve, eat an apple a day, and run 6 miles a day. ; P haha i kid, i kid. so proud of you for doing this. i would say eat whatever you still want to eat, but just take 1-3 bites of it. diet is extremely important, you will pretty much eat very boring food bc healthy food is just straight up not ice cream, burgers, and fries. but dont think you cant have those either, just eat 1-2 bites of it! and run. track running. treadmill running. jump roping. go you! i know you can do it!

  • Brett

    All the power to you, Tommy! I’ve been there & know exactly how you feel. A year & a half ago, I too started a journey of losing weight….and I’m happy to say I lost 85lbs. It averaged out about 10lbs a month.
    Instead of calling it a diet, look at it as a “lifestyle change” of eating & exercising. I’m not a gym person…..but I did find some exercises to do at home(twists, turns, bends, etc.), perhaps 30mins worth 3-4 times a week. Also, 3-4 times a week at power walking…..which later became treadmill walking of 3-5 miles.
    And there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once or twice in a week with a little treat. I always enjoyed having glasses of wine most nights, but that was cut down to 2 nights a week. Water instead became my daily liquid intake.
    If you are mentally ready to do this, then that is what you need to start…and the rest will follow. Just start tweaking your daily meals, watch what you’re eating (portions size also) & include some daily/weekly exercises…and it should all start happening for you. Start off with small goals to lose and keep them coming, as you achieve each one.
    Good luck to you!!!

  • justin Fox

    good luck buddy! let me know if you ever need anything!


  • Sean

    Shirtless 2010…you can do it.