The City of Angels: Homo in The Hills


I’m sure by now you’re probably tired of reading about our adventures during our recent trip to California. For those who aren’t, and haven’t read all our interviews and posts, here is a recap of our entire time in Los Angeles.

After landing in LAX around 10pm and being swarmed by paparazzi taking pictures of Twilight stars, Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli, we ended up checking in the Ramada Hotel on Santa Monica before heading out onto the town. By the time we ate, checked-in and got ready, we only had an hour and half left of clubbing. As we walked down the gay strip, we bumped into one of our friends Justin M from Toronto. That’s what I love about LA: you never know who’ll you’ll bump into. Since we only had a short time left, we danced like there was no tomorrow.

Celebrity Sighting: Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli

On our road trip to Palm Springs, Brian and I decided to expose both Adam and Patrick to the wonders of In and Out Burger. Ironically enough, we ended up stopping for a bite in Ontario, California. We decided to eat our meal on the grassy knoll underneath a shady area since the only seating they had was outdoors and the benches were piping hot from the 110 degree weather. You literally couldn’t sit on them without receiving a 2nd degree burn. It was that HOT.

When we finally arrived to our host Bob’s house, we had to first go through security. Turns out Mr. Bob lives in a high-end gated community. After receiving access from the security guard we drove up to his place. I’m not even remotely exaggerating: his house was INSANE. I felt like I had walked right into the pages of Dwell Magazine. It was the epitome of modern contemporary living complete with solar panels, smart-home technology and an amazing pool that could be viewed straight from the living room (imagine the polar bear tank at the aquarium). They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let my pictures do the talking.

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I had every intention to drive up to the Coachella Music Festival and check it out since it was happening nearby. However, I quickly changed my plans after finding out that Bob decided to throw a last minute pool party in our honour. Proving that the world is indeed a small place, we bumped into a few friends from the Out For Kicks Soccer League. After an afternoon filled with sun-worshiping, swimming and drinking, we capped the night off with some delicious Italian food at a nearby restaurant. For all you Days of our Lives fans (*cough*JONNY*cough*), one of the party attendees was none other than Kevin Spirtas who played Dr. Craig Wesley (1999-2003).

Celebrity Sighting: Kevin Spirtas

Before we left Palm Springs, Bob took the time out to show us some of the local gay spots in Palm Springs which included Liberace and Barry Manilow’s home. We probably would’ve stayed a day longer but we had to head back to Los Angeles to attend the Britney Spears concert which was our main reason for the trip. Be sure to check out our recap of the night and the celebrities we saw. Jessica Sutta: I HEART YOU. While Patrick and I were busy getting Toxic-fied, Brian and Adam stayed in WeHo and partied at the Abbey until we were done at the concert. During the concert they had texted saying Candis Cayne was performing and that we should rush back after Britney was done lip-syncing. When we got there, Candis’ performance was over but we saw another “interesting” performance by Homorazzi’s Adam. He was “dancing” by himself. Correction. He was lying down, gyrating and writhing his body all over the dance floor. It was all very disturbing. I don’t know what the boys were drinking prior to us getting there but it wasn’t pretty. Love you Adam.

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Celebrity Sightings: Britney Spears, Jamie-Lynn Spears, Lynne Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Candis Cayne.

This day was originally going to be our “The Price is Right” day but due to taping conflicts they were not filming so it became our one day off. Since the rest of the week would be jam-packed we decided to spend the day shopping, exploring the city and relaxing poolside at our luxurious boutique hotel: The Chamberlain. Be sure to check out Patrick & Brian’s celebrity sighting at the Equinox gym.

Celebrity Sightings: JC Chasez, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Piven.

Feeling re-energized from our day off, we decided to hit Melrose before our interview with Andrew Christian. In the hopes of bumping into Lindsay Lohan, we took our sweet time shopping, but to no avail- NO LiLo sighting. In the end, we found something even better- a tasty frozen treat from Pinkberry. Every time I’m in Los Angeles, Papa needs his Pinkberry fix- yes, in this instance, I’m “Papa”. After checking out the Andrew Christian Underwear facilities, we decided to check out the Griffith Observatory since it was on the way to our hotel. The views from this vantage point were amazing, especially on this clear day. If Brian had his way, we would’ve spent the entire day soaking up as much astronomical facts as possible. Unfortunately for him, we were no longer in grade 5 and on a field trip. In all honesty, we just wanted to go home and take a power nap before the evening events. Reichen Lehmkhul was gracious enough to invite us to the inaugural Whiskey Dick night at FuBar. Drafts were a nickel and whiskey shots were a dime. If you didn’t have any change, you need not worry as the bar was lined full of nickels and dimes. Seriously, how does the bar make money and more importantly why do we not have nights like this in Vancouver?! As you can imagine, we got pretty loaded on $2.00 [Editor’s Note: Don’t worry servers and bartenders, we tipped like mofo’s to the gorgeous girl behind the bar, cheap drinks is NO excuse to not tip!]. After Patrick and Brian took their turns bull riding, we jetted over to here lounge to cover the Andrew Christian Underwear Fashion Show. Though we were sad to leave the nickel and dime gong show at FuBar, the hot, scantily models and go-go dancers at the fashion show definitely made up for it.

Celebrity Sighting: Reichen Lehmkhul, Andrew Christian.

Surprisingly none of us had hangovers from the previous night and we decided to go for a drive. Our daytime destination today was Santa Monica. During our time there, we checked out the Promenade where we had lunch and some more Pinkberry, and walked down to the Santa Monica Pier. The pier has been a backdrop for many movies and TV Shows including Cellular and the opening of Three’s Company. Be sure to check out the video below to listen to Adam’s commentary. On the way home, we stopped by Rodeo Drive and did a bit of sight-seeing and shopping. During our time at Barneys, I spotted Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, True Romance & The Other Sister) shopping for cosmetics at the counter.

After spending another gorgeous day in sunny California, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up, pre-drink and play some cards. Losing complete track of time we ended up being late to meet up with our friend Hugo and his friends at Tigerheat at Avalon for Kelly Clarkson night. When we got there, there was an insane line to get in. With nothing to lose, I walked up to the bouncer who then directed me to the drag queen in charge for the night. After doing some schmoozing and sweet talking, she let us bypass the line and walked right in. Not even going to lie but TIGERHEAT is the BEST and a Homorazzi fave. I believe half of the cast has spent at least one night there. Sure they top 40, but the venue is spectacular and the vibe is infectious. Somehow during the evening, we ended up in the VIP area. I don’t even know how we ended up there- my guess is Hugo had something to do with it. After sipping on cocktails, we began to dance in the area. After bumping and grinding for a few songs, Patrick noticed Lance Bass in the section right beside us. Being a little inebriated, I had the gall to get Lance’s attention. When I got his attention, I finger motioned him to come on over. WHO DOES THAT? Despite my inappropriate gesture, Lance was nice enough to come over to hang with us and pose for a couple of pictures. We chatted for a bit and even danced with Mr. Bass. It was all a blur but the one thing I vividly remember was asking him about Lacey Schwimmer (his partner from Dancing with the Stars and finalist from SYTYCD Season 3).

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Celebrity Sightings: Lance Bass, Juliette Lewis.

Sooner or later my luck was going to run out. I had a huge hangover but managed to get myself up and prep for the scheduled Reichen Lehmkhul interview. Luckily for me, we agreed to conduct the interview on our rooftop pool. Reichen was a lot taller and way nicer than I thought he’d be. He also comes across as well-grounded and very intelligent. Be sure to check out our Reichen interview if you already haven’t done so. After our interview, we had to quickly head over to Cafe Primo on Sunset for our interview with Preston Lee (Top Design Season 2 Finalist). Luckily for me, Preston had something come up and canceled the interview. He tried to re-schedule for next week but unfortunately we would be out of town.

In the early evening, we were scheduled to attend and cover “An Evening With Women” in Beverly Hills. It was a great event organized by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. After conducting some awesome interviews, capturing some photos and hob-nobing with the stars, we headed back to the hotel to rest before hitting the clubs.

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Celebrity Sightings: Christina Aguilera, Rose McGowan, Eliza Dushku, Brittany Snow, Paris Hilton, Cybil Shepherd, Jane Lynch and too many others to mention.

For our last full day in the City of Angels, we decided to chill at the Grove for some lunch and people watching. We decided to visit the Grove because last time when we were all in Los Angeles for LA 2008 Pride, Adam & Patrick spotted T.R. Knight and Rob Lowe at the Apple store. After lunch and taking a quick peek at the shirtless Abercrombie and Fitch models, we headed over to Pasadena to see if we could get a glimpse of the Speidi wedding. The gay gods must’ve been on our side because we were able to capture some amazing footage and get a first-hand account of the wedding which came handy when some of the cast were invited to webcam for the Hills After Show on MTV.

After the wedding, we decided to pick up some 99 Bananas (a liqueur that got us really mess during our last Los Angeles trip) to celebrate our week-long trip. But, before we were allowed to party and meet up with our friends Chad and Hugo and their crew, Adam made sure Patrick and I worked on our Heidi and Spencer wedding footage. In hindsight, it was a great move on Adam’s part. We even did a Jonny-less hosted Hawt Topics.

To cap off an amazing trip, we finally let loose and partied like rock stars. I think we practically hit every club that night- The Abbey, here lounge, Ultrasuede, Mickey’s and Rage.

Celebrity Sightings: The Hills Cast, Perez Hilton

After waking up at a reasonable hour we met up with Chad, Hugo and their friends for some brunch at the Abbey. After a delicious meal- paid for by one of their friend, Kevin- Chad drove us up to Lauren & Lo’s House in The Hills. Patrick- thinking we were 15 year old boys- thought it’d be a good idea to knicky knicky nine door their house… Really Patrick? Really? I wish I hadn’t been too busy laughing my ass off to capture a picture of him running like Mighty Mouse back to the car.

SONGS OF THE TRIP: Fame: Lady Gaga, My Flow So Tight: Smoke Jumpers, Boom Boom Pow: Black Eye Peas, Calle Ocho: Pitbull, If U Leave (Dance Remix): Musiq Soulchild & Mary J. Blige

In closing, we would like to thank everyone who had a part in making this trip so amazing and fruitful. We will be back sooner than you think. WE LOVE LA!

  • Rob Lowe? Get it right, it was Jason Bateman, and I was the one who spotted him

  • i blame the editor for not picking that up.

    ps jason bateman and rob lowe are the same person

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    This website’s so refreshing! You’re on my Top 5 list that I check everyday (Homorazzi, Perez, TMZ, Gossip Boy, Gawker).

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