Lone Star Is First Casualty of The Season

It’s official, we have the first casualty of the new season. Fox’s drama, “Lone Star” has earned the dubious distinction of being the first canceled show of the 2010-2011 season. The network has removed it from their schedule after two lackluster showings. It’s pilot earned only 4.1 million viewers and the second episode dropped to 3.2 millions. No new date or time has been announced, so it’s safe to assume “Lone Star’s” well has run dry.

While most critics loved the show and several online campaigns were started to save the show, I utterly hated it after reviewing it last week. The one saving grace was the talented and handsome lead star, James Wolk. In its defense, I gave the show another shot this week and it was heaps better than the pilot, but not enough for me to shed a tear for its cancellation.

In its place, Fox is airing Tim Roth’s “Lie To Me” on Mondays at 9pm. The show was originally supposed to air on Wednesday nights after “Hell’s Kitchen“. Presumably, Gordon Ramsay and his chefs will now air back-to-back episodes on that night.

Hopefully some network or movie will snatch up James Wolk. I’d be willing to try out another show he’s starring in. Shocked at all that “Lone Star” was axed so soon? What show did you think would be the first one canceled?