London Closes Out The Olympics With A Big Tribute To Pop Music

Last night, London bid farewell to the 2012 Olympic Summer Games with a closing ceremony that honored the best in British pop music. The show featured artists past and present singing and dancing atop marvellous set pieces and famous British landmarks. But mostly, all eyes were peeled awaiting the rumored arrival of one particular girl group… the Spice Girls. After multiple tweets from a few of the members, it soon become common knowledge that the group would definitely be reuniting in the Olympic stadium. But, that’s not all that went down.

Opening with a faux-London skyline, members of Stomp hung from different set pieces and drummed along with a symphony as the stadium was turned into morning rush hour. Cars drove round in circles as pedestrians also littered the main floor. To kick off the tribute to music, we were graced with the presence of Madness, the Pet Shop Boys and boys of the hour, One Direction. Enter the athletes.

After a LONG pause and four tracks on repeat in the stadium allowing the athletes to form the mosh pit in a shape of the union jack, we were ready to start the rest of the ceremony. The show paid tribute to Queen and John Lennon with an amazing rendition of “Imagine.” But, the show kicked into gay gear with the entrance of George Michael singing his hit, “Freedom.” He closed out his set with “White Light.” Because the IOC has Olympic footage on pretty tight lockdown, footage of the closing ceremony is few and far between. However, our friends over at Buzzfeed were able to scrounge up some clips of both the Spice Girls’ and One Direction’s performances.

Unfortunately, the clips aren’t embedable. So check out the links below:



My other favorite moments included Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz rocking the stadium. I also really enjoyed the bus that turned into a glowing octopus with a dj-ing Fatboy Slim in the middle of it all. One random moment of the show was definitely when Russell Brand hit the stage as Willy Wonka. Definitely a giant WTF for me. But my all time favorite moment was when Take That performed just before the extinguishing of the Olympic cauldron. What did you think of the closing ceremonies? Mega-hit or mega-miss? Sound off below.

  • Cherry Coke

    I think one of the best performances from the closing ceremony was from Annie Lennox and yet she wasn’t even mentioned in your article. Tisk.

  • Wow. I wrote this article pretty late and completely FORGOT about that unreal Annie Lennox performance. Thank you for putting it back into my brain Cherry Coke. Take my gay card away. I absolutely loved it.

  • liberolibra

    Loved the Pet Shop Boys! Gorgeous outfit!