Meet The Cast Of Logo’s “Setup Squad”

Got no game? Have a problem breaking the ice? Have no fear. Renee Lee and her crew of professional “wing” women and men at Wings, Inc. are here to help. In a new docu-reality series from Logo, “Setup Squad” chronicles the adventures of these professionals as they attempt to transform their dating-dud clients into confident daters. The hour long show will premiere immediately after the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Monday, April 25 at special time, 11:30/10:30C. Subsequent episodes will air on the show’s permanent time slot on Mondays at 9/8C pm.

Dating expert, Renee Lee, has a novel approach for people who are unlucky in dating. She pairs her clients with professional “wing” women and men as they navigate them through the highly-intense New York dating scene. Don’t get it twisted. The show isn’t just about trying to get them hooked up, but the client also go through a dating makeover. The Wings, Inc. employees find ways to increase their client’s self-esteem and wane their anxieties.

I’ve seen the first episode and the show definitely has potential. It follows Tim, a gay guy new to the dating scene. Professional wingwoman Lauretta coaches him on the “art of the pick up” while exposing him to the world of porn and other gay culture. Watching his face when a guy asks if he jerks off is priceless. You have to see it. The other client featured on this episode is a beautiful woman, Zakeenah. She’s looking for her Mr. Right, but is afraid of rejection and this fear is holding her back. Cutie homo, Jonathan is her dating mentor.

As entertaining it is to see socially awkward individuals make initial contact with potential dates, I find myself more interested in the workplace drama that occurs behind the scenes. In the pilot, Renee introduces a new team member to the other staff. Unfortunately, the female staff aren’t super excited about having another woman on payroll and don’t have a problem letting their opinions known. Thankfully, each episode will combine the most sizzling parts of dating shows with the most electric elements of workplace drama. Halleloo.

Get to know the dating experts of Wings, Inc below.

Renee Lee

My first impression of Renee was, she seemed relatively mellow and quiet. I was expecting more of a Kelly Cutrone larger than life persona. God, I miss “Kell on Earth”. Hopefully, we get too see her come out of her shell in upcoming episodes. It’s hard to outshine a couple of the stronger personalities on the show. I guess, when you’re the boss, you can’t get too dramatic. In the pilot, she does an excellent job of schooling a staff member on how to play nice with the new employee.

Official Bio (provided by Logo)

Renee comes prepared with as much style, sass, and savvy as her designer bags can carry. Raised in SoHo, New York, this quintessential city girl has guided the dating scenes from New York City to Los Angeles. Her understanding of the complexities of today’s competitive market led her to start “Wings, Inc.” – a coaching company that matches clients with her team of wingmen. Using her Masters Degree in Psychology from New York University, Renee puts her clients on track to find love and has a 100% success rate in helping them achieve their goals. She lives with her boyfriend and her Cairn terrier Shady.


Love him. He’s cute, he’s funny and he really gets emotionally involved with his clients. In the pilot he helped a woman overcome her dating fears. Hopefully in a future episode, Renee pairs him up with a hot single gay guy looking for love. I would love to see that dynamic. It’ll be interesting to see if Jonathan is tempted to sh*t where he eats, as the saying goes. I hope so, I want some hot man-on-man action.

Official Bio (provided by Logo)

Jonathan’s electric personality and quick wit help him connect with clients from all walks of life and allow him to dish out hard truths while still remaining thoroughly charming. A true southern boy who loves sweet tea and sandals all year long, Jonathan attended University of Florida where he studied musical theatre and history. There’s nothing he loves more than soaking-in all that New York City has to offer, from the incredible museums to the unbeatable gay nightlife and playtime in Central Park with his French Bulldog, Potato.


Sassy is the best way to describe this self-proclaimed gay man trapped in a woman’s body. She’s definitely outspoken which means she’s perfect for reality television. In the first episode, she’s paired up a gay guy new to the dating scene. Truth be told, she’s the perfect gay man’s wingwoman. As we all know, the gays love their strong sassy fierce sistas. Lauretta definitely fits that bill. It’s like dangling vodka in front of an alcoholic. Her initial apprehension of new recruit Helen should provide for spectacular fireworks. They truly are oil and water.

Official Bio (provided by Logo)

Lauretta Nkwocha is a British-Nigerian native who fell in love with New York City and made it her home. A seasoned socializer, Lauretta knows how to tear up the town. She was Renee’s first recruit at “Wings, Inc.” where she has helped countless clients find success in love. Lauretta makes friends wherever she goes, though she’s not afraid to make enemies, too. When she is not performing her Cupid duties, Lauretta sings in a band. She is married to her bandleader, Michael Hart. Together they have a young daughter named Sophie.


Love, love, love her. Not only is she a Korean Dragon (no Lotus flower here), but she quickly forms a BFF relationship with the show’s hottie, Jonathan. A comedian by trade, you know Helen will be serving hilarious one-liners after another. With Lauretta and her, already butting heads, I can’t wait to see these two strong women going at it. Along with Jonathan and Lauretta, Helen could be the show’s breakout star. Margaret Cho, you better watch out.

Official Bio (provided by Logo)

A self-professed “Asian Hello Dolly,” Helen has unbelievable luck with helping friends find love and has gotten two of her friends married. In 2009, Helen channeled her matchmaking mojo and created a live comedy dating event called “Laugh Match.” Part stand-up comedy, part speed-dating the monthly show was a huge success, garnering media attention and the interest of Renee Lee, who recently recruited her as the newest member of the “Wings, Inc” team.


Honestly, I don’t remember much about her. She barely made an impression. All I know is she’s pretty and a lesbian. That’s all she wrote. Her official Logo bio states she never holds back on her opinion. Ummm okay, maybe upcoming episodes will allow for her personality to shine. Based on the previews, Meredith’s long-distance relationship comes into play. I’m hoping for a little “The Real L Word” kinda drama here.

Official Bio (provided by Logo)

Since Meredith won “most inquisitive” in grammar school, she always gets to the bottom of what’s on people’s minds…and clients are no exception. She never holds back on her opinion and constantly strives for success. When Meredith sets her sights on something, she won’t stop until she has achieved it. She currently juggles a busy life beyond her “wingwoman” duties including holding a successful career as a real-estate agent and maintaining a long-distance relationship with a gorgeous woman named Randi, who lives in Los Angeles.

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