Attention Seattle (and anyone visiting): NEW BAR ALERT!  NEW BAR ALERT!

Someone has been listening to our gripes, moans and groans about the lack of bar selections on The Hill (Capitol Hill – Seattle’s gayest hill), because there is a fresh new face  on Pike St and her name is The Lobby. That someone – make it someones – who have heard our cries are Lobby owners Curtis Bigelow and Paul Villa and let me tell you, they have provided The Hill with a breath of fresh air.

I first heard rumors about the opening of a new bar in mid-November and was intrigued to know what the outcome would be given that it’s planned home was none other than the (cursed) Sugar space. That said, I was pleasantly surprised the first weekend I walked into Lobby and have been back just about every weekend since. The atmosphere, patrons, staff and drinks are a much needed change to the normal bar routine both my friends and I had found ourselves in. Paul and Curtis have left no surface untouched, even going so far as to put up a wall eliminating what used to be the dance floor (what Paul and Curtis say really cursed the space), creating a cozier space with a boutique hotel feel. I hope they’re superstitions are correct because I and many others don’t want this place to close down anytime soon – ever. Never.


Aside from the refreshing overall vibe at The Lobby, the bar offers great drinks (strong and well-priced), a seriously delectable menu and several places for parties and small get-togethers. Another thing I love about this place is that the music isn’t blaring so your conversations won’t be 50% “what did you say?”  and the other 50% laughing at something you thought you heard, but actually didn’t. Paul and Curtis have big plans for the bar including a continental breakfast menu, a build your own bloody mary bar and adult-sized mimosas (served in pint glasses) on Saturdays & Sundays and even High Tea Tuesdays & Thursdays – they even have donut holes to go with your tea time!

Check out my interview with the guys above and the next time you’re in the mood for a DRANK – head over to The Lobby Bar. You won’t regret it! Find out more about The Lobby Bar here.



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