Say It Ain’t So, Lo

For all you die hard The Hills fans out there, I have some devastating news for you. And, if you’re reaction is half as good as Patrick‘s was, then telling you will be worth it too. Let me take you back to an episode mid-way through the final season. Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt go on an anniversary dinner date. Between courses, Scott asks Lo to move in with him. She’s hesitant. She’s says that if she’s going to move in with a guy, it has to be with the one she knows she will marry. She leaves Scott on hold with the answer to the question.

Fast forward to the end of the season where the girls are reminiscing about the year they’ve had. Lo announces to the group that she will be moving in with Scott. The girls get all giddy and excited at the fact that this means Lo will soon be having little babies. Well, I have to break it to you, but the honeymoon has ended. Scott and Lo, after two years of bliss, have called it quits. Cue Patrick’s enormous gasp…

Lo’s rep has released a statement stating that they are no longer together, but remain good friends. Rumor has it that Scott was out shopping for engagement rings recently. Did Lo get cold feet and break it off? A friend of the couple says that they both realized they were in different places in their lives and that the timing was just off. The also added that the breakup is hard for both of them, but it’s the most realistic thing at this point. Oh man, and just before Christmas. Hollywood just can’t handle their relationships lately.