LMFAO Are “Sorry For Party Rockin'” In New Music Video

As much as they say, there is one thing LMFAO isn’t… “Sorry For Party Rockin’“. The boys have been taking the music industry by storm with their tracks off their latest album of the same name. Last year, Party Rock Anthem literally became the anthem for so many people, commercials, TV shows and more. They followed it up with the smash Sexy And I Know It and now, are ready to have all their fans moving their feet once again.

Sorry For Party Rockin’ has been a crowd favorite since the duo introduced it into their live show. The video itself does not disappoint. The video begins with a pan over the cardboard built town with one house looking a little more lively than the rest. When a man and wife are being kept awake by the noisy neighbors, the husband heads over to bust down the door to tell them to be quiet but the wife has other plans. She wants to join the party. The video also stars a few famous faces including David Hasselhoff and label mate, Chelsea Korka who finds herself in a little bit of a comprising position with Sky Blu. Check out the new video below.

LMFAO, “Sorry For Party Rockin'”