New Official ‘Liz & Dick’ Featurette Says ‘Lindsay Is Back’

The new official featurette for the upcoming movie Lifetime movie Liz & Dick has been revealed and is certainly building up the anticipation for Lindsay Lohan‘s performance. The video says, “Her First Starring Role In 5 Years” and “Lindsay Is Back.”

The featurette shows clips from the movie, as well as an interview with Lindsay Lohan on set about her character and how she relates to Elizabeth Taylor. My favorite part is when she says that she loves diamonds as well, when we all know that because she was accused of stealing a necklace a while back. LOL. She also talks about living life in the public eye and the affect that has on a person. Grant Bowler, who plays Ricard Burton, is also interviewed in the video and says, “Lindsay is excellent to work with. She’s pretty much Elizabeth Taylor… reincarnated.

The film debuts on Lifetime this coming November. Check out the promo video with Lindsay Lohan below.

‘Liz & Dick’ Featurette