Little Mix Release Teaser Of ‘You Gotta Not’ Written By Meghan Trainor


Little Mix has just released the majority of a song called “You Gotta Not” (I say majority because apparently it’s not the full version – but it’s pretty close) and the song was written by Meghan Trainor. When you hear (or read) the lyrics, it’s not hard to tell that they are Trainor’s words:

“Call your momma “mommy” (You gotta not!)
Askin’ her for money (You gotta not!)
Never keep your house clean (You gotta not!)
Wearin’ dirty laundry (You gotta not!)
Is that you call flirtin’? (You gotta not!)
You ain’t even workin’, boy get a job
And baby when you wanna start growin’ up
We can boom, boom, boob, baby, fall in love”

Although the song would have been better suited for Trainor herself, I do love me some Little Mix and their take on the lyrics sounds great to me. Listen to “You Gotta Not” from their upcoming album Glory Days below.