Little Mix Hangs With Missy Elliott For ‘How Ya Doin?’ Video

Before Fifth Harmony came along, Little Mix was my favorite manufactured girl group to come from The X Factor. Can you blame my switch? Fifth Harmony’s “Anything Could Happen” performance was EVERYTHING. Their YouTube videos post-X Factor has kept me infatuated with them. Smart move on their part. With that said, Little Mix’s wicked new single has me shifting allegiances for the time being.

My favorite performance from Little Mix on the UK X Factor was their cover of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” Out of all the singles they’ve released so far from their debut album DNA, their latest is my favorite hands down. “How Ya Doin‘?” is the most R&B-tinged track which is perfect, since that’s the reason I fell in love with them in the first place.

Using De La Soul’s 1991 rap classic “Ring Ring Ring (Hey How Ya Doin)‘ as inspiration, the ladies craft a catchy urban pop track that has the potential to be a crossover hit on both sides of the Atlantic. With Missy Elliott in the mix, it has an even greater shot at success. Personal anecdote: Back in the day, I used the De La Soul track as my voicemail greeting.

Keeping in line with the urban theme, Little Mix channels Destiny’s Child circa “Bootylicious” and “Say My Name” era for their technicolor video. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. I love all the girls, but I have to single out Perrie Edwards. She definitely steals the show with her vocals and really bright pink hair. Check out the clip below.

Little Mix ‘How Ya Doin?’ Music Video

De La Soul ‘Ring Ring Ring (Hey How Ya Doin)’ Music Video

What do you think of the song? Do you think it has potential to become a hit? Sound off below.

  • Nic

    God this is good.

  • JMC

    Missy is looking gorgeous and more importantly healthy in this! When is she gonna drop that damn record of hers! Missy’s a real legend.